3 Lipsticks To Achieve That Blurred Lip Look

It's all about how much product you use.ย 
by STAIL Team

There’s matte, velvet, glossy, satin, blotted–and now there’s blurred lips. A trend that first started in South Korea, it involves having a powdery finish yet blurry look. It’s the blurred lip look.

This is easily achieved by patting the lipstick continuously, kind of like you’re blotting it but more composed. Use your finger to apply lipstick from the bullet to the center of your lips, and fade the color out toward the edge of your lips.

This look goes best with minimal makeup or a no-makeup makeup look. Are you willing to try the trend?

Here are some lipsticks that are best used for that blurred lip look.

Sunnies Face Lip Dip

A recent release from Sunnies Face, Lip Dip is a whipped matte lip cream with a balmy texture that doesn’t dry your lips. Apply a little amount of product on the middle part of your lips and spread with your finger.

3CE Soft Lip lacquer

One of the OG brands that started the trend, Style Nanda’s 3CE is a game-changer for makeup enthusiasts. One of its best-sellers is the Soft Lip Lacquer, which is kind of the same as the Lip Dip, if you ask us. This one has a different feel to the lips, kind of matte but non-drying. Apply it full on and dab the edges for that blurred lip look.


A cult favorite, Peripera is the go-to lipstick for people who want to achieve pigmented lips while staying on a budget. Every few months the brand releases a new version of its lipsticks and lip stains. Most of itsย  lipsticks are made for the blurred lip look. Its balmy and hydrating formula is perfect for the lips, cheeks, and even eyelids.



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