6 Reasons Why Your Face Keeps Breaking Out

You are what you eat!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Yes, we’re still gonna talk about acne, pimple, and all the things that are breaking out. When are we ever going to stop on this quest for healthier skin? The answer is never.


If you think that acne only exists during the teenage years, then you thought wrong. I did too. I thought it’s all going to stop once I hit adulthood, but it didn’t. My acne almost felt like it was home right there, on my face. That’s the time I knew I needed to do something about it… and it worked.


There are a lot of natural remedies out there to cure breakouts. More than that, prevention is always so much better than cure. So here are some things y’all should know to avoid this dreaded breakout and acne war.

Pimple popping

You’ll be at high risk for bacterial infection when you pop your pimples. Aside from all the swelling and redness, It’ll multiply your breakouts and will scar. So please, don’t.


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Too much sun exposure

If you get sunburned, your skin dries out and produces more oil. Excessive oil leads to acne, so try to limit your direct sun exposure. Make sure always to put sunscreen too.


Photo courtesy of The Healthy




Frequent touching of your face

Dirt and bacteria from cellphones, hoodies, collars, or your hands can cause acne, especially when it’s not clean. Make sure to sanitize!

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You aren’t getting enough sleep

Well, lack of sleep hinders your skin cells from regenerating. Proper and adequate sleep will help prevent these breakouts.


Image courtesy of  New York Post

Your pillowcase is dirty

Pillowcases touch faces a significant amount of time. Make sure to wash them regularly to prevent dirt and bacteria from being trapped in your skin.


Photo by Forbes



Your current diet

Researchers say that there is indeed a connection between what we eat and acne. Assess your diet since your skin is probably responding negatively to a particular food. After all, “you are what you eat!”.


Image by Aussie Gossip

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