Beauty Hacks: Julie Anne San Jose Approved Skincare Routine

You glow, girl!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Radiant, glowing, and naturalthat’s how everyone would probably describe their skincare goals. To have that clear, dewy, luminous, and seemingly transparent looking skin is all over social media and has been an international obsession starting from the K-beauty trend. We call it the glowing “Glass Skin.”


STAIL icon Julie Anne San Jose knows how to do it just right. One scroll on her Instagram page, and you’ll see that natural radiant skin. Despite her busy schedule, we can’t deny that she has that covetable glow.



For Julie Anne, her skin is one of the most important things she takes care of since she often wears makeup and frequently exposed to dirt, pollution, as well as products. With her exclusive interview with STAIL.PH, Julie Anne shares her immaculate skincare routine.



“I make it a routine na right after ko mag-makeup or right after work, naghihilamos agad ako. I always clean my face.” As much as possible, she makes sure she always hydrates her skin and doesn’t put too much makeup depending on the demands of her work. Although it’s very typical for a celebrity like her to pull an all-nighter, she makes sure to never sleep with her makeup on and always keep a clean face.




Her skincare essentials include washing face on a regular, using moisturizers, toners, oils, and sunblock. “Kahit nasa bahay,” said Julie about the use of sunscreens. It helps protect every skin type from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. She said it’s also good to treat ourselves and get a facial once a month.






I asked if she ever gets breakouts and she said she does! “Sometimes, once a month. Hinahayaan ko na lang.” When she gets breakouts, she always keeps her face clean and makes sure to put acne patches since she has sensitive skin. Julie likes moisturizing, especially when she gets breakouts.




HYDRATE! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables,” she added. If fruits and veggies are good for our bodies, then it is equally great for our skin as well! For makeup, Julie suggests finding the ones that work best for your skin type. “Kung san ka hiyang.” 



“SMILE! That’s the best makeup you can wear.”


There are a lot of skincare tips online that only apply to a specific skin type. Julie’s tips are very relatable and achievable. When asked about wearing makeup, she said a smile is the best makeup you can wear — looking dewy from within!

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