Beauty Inspo: Jessy Mendiola’s Skincare Routine

Wonder about her skincare? Perfect timing!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Jessy Mendiola is one of the sexiest celebrities in the industry. Aside from that, her porcelain, pinkish light glow is covetable and makes her look fresh and bright. Wondering about her skincare? Perfect timing, because you’re going to read it right now!


On her YouTube channel, she shared her night routine.

You’ll be surprised because she usually doesn’t put a lot of makeup on. Like any other girl out there, beauty rest is a priority for her. When she turned 25, she started caring for her skin more because her freckles and other blemishes got more noticeable.


Here are some skincare tips from Jessy:


1. Remove Makeup

Jessy uses a hypoallergenic makeup remover. Since her skin type is oily, she makes sure she uses one with oil and water.





2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Her skin is sensitive, so she makes sure she uses a gentle cleanser. She quickly gets breakouts, especially when on a plane ride. For quick flights, she uses a mild one while stronger ones for longer trips. Surprisingly, she grew up with this brand, so this is something she swears by.




3. Shower/Half Bath

Jessy doesn’t like washing her hair too much since her hair is bleached. However, she makes sure to shower every day and take half baths.


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4. Brush Eyebrows And Eye Lashes

This is good to maintain false eyelashes too. She recommends brushing it gently as much as you can. She usually brushes hers when she wakes up in the morning, before showering, and before she sleeps.



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5. Moisturizer

Well, she doesn’t put much paint on her skin. One thing she makes sure of is moisturizer. She uses La Mer for night and Avene for the day.




6. Lip Care

She likes applying lib balm before sleeping.


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7. Apply Body Oils

Jessy is not a fan of lotions. Instead, she uses The Body Shop’s Moringa body oil for her legs and arms.


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8. Spray Perfume

Currently, she uses Jo Malone. She likes it when she smells good so she can sleep better. For day time, she applies Paul & Joe body and hair mist.


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9. Read A Book

She tries to finish one in a week or two. Jessy also always has a water bottle and alcohol on her bedside table.





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