Glossier and Other Local Makeup Brands to Add Vibrance to Your Life

Gotta have it all!
by Alliah Delgado

You’re wondering what you should do with all the makeup brands you have now. Especially your lipsticks and blush babies that have been kept for a while. You’re missing the feeling of putting your favorite one or picking the right shade for the day. Why bother to wear one when we’re all wearing face mask the whole day, right?


Girl, just apply it. Your makeup misses you too. Don’t wait for it to expire and perish then sulk because the things you treasure the most will be put to waste.


Speaking of expiring, here are some long-lasting makeups to give life to a dull makeup routine. Save your time from choosing which shade you should use.






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This makeup will fulfill your #painterdreams. Coming in a cute paint-tube looking storage, Glossier Cloud Paint has 6 shades which include Puff, Beam, Dusk, Dawn, Haze, and Storm. What’s more interesting about Glossier Cloud Paint is the way you can blend two colors. You’ll definitely love the art of blushing!


Glossier Cloud Paint costs almost P1,300 but what you pay is what you get. It is very lightweight when applied, super blendable, and you can use it without the need of foundation.






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If the Glossier Cloud Paint might be pricey for you, you can still achieve a subtle look with these new multi-use color cream. Also packed in a paint-tube, EB POWERPAINT is an all-in-1 kit for girls who like to keep it simple and always on-the-go. It is lightweight and small but super pigmented. It is SO perfect for blending. It has four shades namely Chiffon, Scarlet Amber, and Sangria.


Good news! EB ADVANCE POWERPAINT costs only P199 and you have a choice to have it all for only P769 with a free pouch.






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Achieve the 90’s dreamy beauty with Glossera.Co. If you are the girl who is into shiny, dazzling, and juicy look, this one is made for you. lip gloss and lip masks are all affordable and available in Shoppee. You can also visit them on Instagram.

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