Morena Supremacy: We Should Start Loving Our Color

Because you are wonderful!
by Alliah Delgado

We are naturally born Morena. This alone is our advantage to many things but society is telling us otherwise. We’ve heard a million times that having fair skin is beautiful.


I had a hard time accepting the fact that I am a Filipina with a Kayumanggi skin. My friends and some of my relatives have fair skin. But why am I different? I tried to use whitening soaps, wore long sleeves when going out, and used an umbrella during sunny days. I don’t even enjoy day swimming. But then the realization hit me. If I can’t enjoy these little things just because I want to achieve lighter skin, then what am I even doing?


Here are some reasons why Morena remains supreme!


The Melanin Protection


We are all aware that the more melanin you have the more protection you get against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. But why is it hard for beauty products to market this?


Sunkissed Photos Look Good on You


THIS ONE! That kind of glow only girls with Morena skin can flaunt. While everyone puts bronzer, you just have to put a little highlighter and find a perfect spot where the sun gives your skin a beautiful radiant look.


Getting Tanned Never Bothered You

It’s afternoon and you forgot to bring your umbrella. Don’t worry, girl! A little heat won’t hurt. Imagine going to the beach where the sun is high, the water is clear, and salty breeze wraps your skin. That’s okay! I am Morena. Why would I be afraid of playing under the sun? You don’t even need to bring tanning oil to achieve that perfect tan look!


Lesser Beauty Products


Lesser beauty products, lesser expense. You don’t have to maintain your skin color. You don’t have to invest in expensive whitening products too!





Whatever society is telling us, having a Morena skin is as beautiful as having fair and light skin.



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