Never Give Up: A Message Of Hope From Blythe

Let your light shine! 
by Jasmine Gagarin

Andrea Brilliantes, also know as “Blythe”, has always been one of the sweetest and prettiest faces in the industry. She started her career when she was just 7 yrs old and that’s enough to know that this entertainment path is not easy to take. As a public figure, she has always tried to strive to please the mass. It took her a while to realize that it shouldn’t be like that.





I should focus on what will make me happy. Self-love, inner peace, and genuine happiness should always be the focus of not just people from my generation but by everyone.



The meaning of the word “beautiful” has radically changed throughout time. It’s not what our culture says it does — fair-skin, young, thin, and a lot more. Instead, it has been more subjective because that’s how it should be. There are a lot of ways to define it and that is where diversity comes in.



Beauty should not be defined with how a person looks. It shouldn’t be based on what other people think. Beauty is being contented and happy with yourself.

Self-love = Beauty


How many times a day do you apply makeup?

I only put makeup whenever I have work. I don’t usually go out pero if makikipag-hangout ako with friends, lip and cheek tint lang kasi lagi na ako naka-makeup because of work so I wanna let my skin breathe and give it a break.


How do you maintain your clear skin?

I always cleanse and I wash my face 3 times a day because of makeup. I put ice on my face when I wake up and before I sleep (to close my pores).  


What’s your skincare routine like?

If i wear makeup the whole day, I’ll wash my face in the morning, put ice on my face to close my pores, and I moisturize. When I remove my makeup naman, I put micellar water, I wash my face twice, tapos micellar water, put ice on my face, then moisturize. haha!

When I don’t wear make up naman,  I just wash my face in the morning and put ice on my face. I wash my face in the evening, use micellar water, ice my face again, then put moisturizer. hahaha dami noh!



What are some of your must-haves right now?

Vitamins, anything that can sanitize, and masks.


What is your most cherished beauty product?

Lip and cheek tint from Careline.  


Do you have any skincare tips or beauty hacks?

Always clean your face properly before putting on makeup so the makeup will be smooth and will last longer.


What’s your eyebrow secret? How do you maintain it?

I visit a brow lounge every month to get an eyebrow thread.


Is there a beauty hack from your mom that you’ve always followed?

Always brush my eyebrows kasi they get really messy at times.


Do you remember your first makeup item?

Baby powder!! hahaha!


How about your hair? How do you take care of it?

I wash my hair every day with shampoo and conditioner but I don’t condition my roots — just the ends.  That’s it lang actually kasi if you know me my hair is always messy!


If you’re going out for a night and you’re doing your own makeup, what’s your go-to look?

My usual lang  mascara, powder, blush on, and tint.


With your busy schedule, how do you make sure that you keep yourself healthy and active?

Actually I’m kinda unhealthy. Friends and staff are very much aware with that kasi I always snack on sweets, food props, lahat kahit mga tindahan sa taping inuubos ko po tinda nila. Pero ngayong quarantine I tried to be healthier pero nung first month, I was super unhealthy. I made Iskrambol (Ice Scramble) every day, ate taho every day, at lagi pong nauubos food stock ko compared sa siblings ko. But ngayon nag dagdag na ako ng madaming fruits sa pagkain ko. 


Do you exercise? work out?

Trying! I guess? I hate working out, lahat po ng kilala ako alam yan pero sa boredom po sa ECQ napa-workout na ako! haha


What’s your ultimate beauty tip?

Ang number one beauty tip ko ay BE CONFIDENT. Kasi you can wear all the fancy clothes and makeup pero if you don’t feel beautiful and confident, hindi din makikita ng mga tao yun. Naniniwala ako true beauty comes from within. True beauty will always be defined by you, not by the opinions of other people.


How can we show the universe how beautiful we are? 

Para sakin just be yourself, always be kind, spread positivity, help others, and do everything with love  


How do you want to inspire the younger generation?

Gusto ko po talaga ma-inspire yung mga nahihirapan or di na makakuha ng hope— yung feeling nila wala na. Gusto ko po maka inspire sa mga taong yun na everything happens for a reason at lahat ng hard work mo magiging worth it din. Just don’t give up lang and always look at the bright side in life. Wag mag focus sa mga bashers and lahat ng negativity because if you let a negative mindset take over everything, you’ll end up with nothing. Pag nag reminisce ako, naiisip ko lagi na buti I never stopped fighting for my dreams. It’s very humbling where I am now kaya sana po wag tayo mapapagod habulin ang mga panaginip natin.


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