Need A New Haircut? Try These Classic Styles!

Classic hairstyles that fit every Asian man.
by Ian Vill

Need a new haircut, but you don’t know what to get? Have you asked your barber before to try out a new hairstyle you thought would look good on you, but it turns out it just doesn’t work? Or have you had the same haircut since you were three and is now willing to run the ultimate risk?


The truth is, picking a hairstyle is easy, mainly if you use the classics. We’re here to give you popular hairstyles for young Asian men, or whatever the hell you are.



Probably the most famous hairstyle that includes combing. The side part is the visual representation of a smart-looking man. Jose Rizal’s haircut is a kind of side part hairstyle. It looked good back then, and it still looks good today

asian hairstyle side part


A real Asian classic, this hairstyle has become quite popular nowadays due to a massive amount of Korean celebrities using this hairstyle. This Korean exposure has given this iconic style a name when Asians use it. It is now commonly called the “Korean messy hair.” All variations of the “Korean messy hair” are fringes. 


It’s straightforward to maintain and needs minimal preparation to achieve. 

asian hairstyle fringe


A combination of a fringe and a side part. Like the fringe, it needs very little maintenance. Also, the use of a good comb to make a clean partition in the hair is an excellent practice.

parting perm asian haircut


You might want to call it a man-bun, but I like saying top knot instead. Plus, there is a slight difference. Where a man bun has an actual puffy tied bun, a top knot usually does not form a bun when it’s tied as it is shorter. This hairstyle isn’t as common as the others, but it has emerged to be an honorable mention in this list. I personally find it quite good looking. 

asian hairstyle samurai top knot haircut


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