Chie Filomeno’s Beauty Must-Haves And Tips To Keep Your Skin Sane

But first, skincare!
by Jasmine Gagarin

There isn’t much downtime when you’re Chie Filomeno. If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram, you’ve probably seen our November STAIL Icon hopping from one island to another showing us what a total beach bod is. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone loves it! In addition to dancing with her girl group “GirlTrends,” she is also busy taping for an upcoming teleserye, “Love Thy Woman.”



Chie is more than just a pretty face. There’s no denying that she is one to watch in this industry. If you’re wondering what keeps her skin sane in between modeling, dancing, singing, and acting, you’re on the right page. In an exclusive interview with STAIL.PH, Chie Filomeno reveals her beauty tips and routines.





As much as possible kapag may rest day,  hindi talaga ako nagmemakeup. As in wala talaga, moisturizer lang.





Chie does her taping for “Love Thy Woman” thrice a week. She has to put makeup at least three to four times a week, depending on the scenes and shows she attends. Artists usually put a lot of makeup on a daily and often have skin challenges due to the products they use. However, Chie’s skin remains radiant and glowing. Moisturizer helps her skin stay hydrated.





Her skincare routine is nothing short of simple. She washes her face with St. Ives facial scrub and uses a toner from Mario Badescu. Chie prefers fragrance free skincare products so that it won’t cause adverse skin reactions.





“Gusto ko yung amoy spa. It’s very refreshing sa face at pinaka must-have ko yan especially sa weather natin. It’s  humid, may mga maliliit akong face mist. So from time to time,  nagi-spray ako para mag-glow ng mag-glow pa skin mo.” Face mists give a little boost of hydration to your skin. This tip from Chie is a must-try!






Chie and her simple beauty tip: Wag mo masyado pageksperimentuhan face mo kasi magiiba kung pano magadapt yung skin mo. So kung ano nakasanayan mo, ganun na lang, just stick to it.



She has a normal to oily skin type. She claims it doesn’t need much maintenance. She doesn’t even get a lot of breakouts, even when it’s that time of the month. Chie says she got it from her mom. “It’s in the genes talaga”, she claims.






“I want my hair to release natural oil, so hindi ako araw-araw nagshashampoo. Kapag ‘di nagpapawis, kapag walang gagawin, di ko siya iwa-wash para di mag-dry ‘yung hair.” You’re at risk of drying out your scalp when you overwash your hair. The decision on how frequently one should wash hair depends on the hair type. For some people, overwashing may cause dryness or greasiness.


Moreover, for Chie, she doesn’t like tying her hair a lot as it is going to cause hair dents. Now that she’s tried short hair, she’s trying to grow it long again.





“It’s what you put inside your body. Your diet. Hindi man halata, hindi talaga ako nag da-diet, I workout weights and pilates. My cardio is dancing already, as much as possible three times a week. Nanghihina katawan ko pag ‘di nag wo-workout, especially pag may race. Kung hindi talaga nag e-exercise, mas napapagod ako agad a track.” 





She has a petite body type, but she has THE curves. Chie gives all the gratitude. “Namana ko sa mommy ko. Kasi, kahit dalawa na kami na anak niya noon, 24 pa din waistline niya. I think petite lang talaga ako,” she said.









“Don’t sleep with your makeup on. Kasi when you do, you’ll regret it in the morning.”



Right after the cover shoot, Chie removed all her makeup and made sure her skin is free and breathing. She looked glowing and radiant. This eternal beauty tip is a necessity, and our November STAIL Icon is the living proof.


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