Date Night Prep: Men’s Grooming Guide

Whether it's your first, or fifty-first dates, grooming effort for a date night is one way to show you care.
by Mark Baccay

Whether it’s your anniversary with your babe or a casual date night with the girl of your dreams, there’s no excuse to miss out and look terrible. Look well-groomed and sexy is supposed to be your number one goal (well, second to the restaurant reservation).


Whether it’s your first, or fifty-first dates, grooming effort for a date night is one way to show you care. You certainly wouldn’t want a carefully planned date to get ruined because of some half-shaven beard or dirty nails.


Here’s an honest guide to set your grooming game straight before the much-awaited night.




When it comes to pre-date grooming, it’s all about finding that delicate balance between over and underdone. So here’s the thing, remember that your hair is one of the defining points of your entire look for the evening. You wouldn’t want to have a shabby looking hair with your suit and tie.



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There are a lot of things you can do to make your look sleek. I advise getting a haircut before the date and washing your hair. Then before heading out, you can restyle and apply a little product for some hold.


When it comes to the face, it’s difficult to give a more precise response as one is different from the other. Since men’s skin can be up to twice as oily as women’s. However, your skin is either oily or dry, so it’s best to focus on these traits.


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One way to deal with oil-slick and dry skin is with the help of a product. Try applying moisturizers and even wash your face with oil-control facial wash. This tip will surely help you prep your look for the night.



To shave or not to shave? Attitudes towards beards have changed massively in the last few years.  In this case, during date night, it’s advisable to go with your gut feeling. Assert yourself on what look are you trying to pull off and go with it.

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While it’s easy to blame a love of spicy food and onions, one of the leading causes of bad breath is not cleaning between the teeth properly. We probably don’t need to be giving you schooling on the importance of oral hygiene but Floss, brush, use some mouthwash or bring a mint.


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Other than taking a shower and scrubbing yourself down with some shower gel, it’s essential to choose your fragrance wisely. People and the scents associated with them are intrinsically linked, creating strong bonds and long-lasting memories.


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