Finding The Right Eyebrow Shape For You

Brows before bros
by Jasmine Gagarin

You are never really fully dressed without your brows on fleek. Agree? If yes, well then welcome to the club! So, what makes a good brow? Is it the thickness? Thinness? Admittedly, it has something to do with the color of your brow pencil. There’s more to getting it right than you think.


On top of that, your face shape will tell the difference. We have distinct face shapes, and there are specific brow styles that work best for each. Did you know that?


A little tweak won’t hurt. And it’s proven to take years off your age. So, here’s how you style your pair.



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High arched brows will work best on you. Your brow goal is to lengthen your face, so fill in and make it a little darker on the arch to emphasize the shape.



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Keep it simple by going for the rounded brow shape and softening the arches. This is to balance out the angles of your face.


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Opt for slightly angled brows. Be careful with a sharp arch or a rounded one because we want to draw attention to your eyes too.



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Consider yourself lucky because oval-shaped beauties can rock all brow shapes!



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Flat brows with a lengthened downward curve would work best for you. Your brow goal is to add width to your face.



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Your brow goal is to shorten and soften your face. You can do this by creating a curved brow. You can even lengthen the edges of your brows to balance out your sharp jawline.



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