Glam Haul: Beginner Products for Your Daily Look

A subtle makeup won’t hurt you
by Alliah Delgado

Putting makeup doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself or you want to look pretty for someone else. NO. You are learning and applying it because you want it and not to consort their feelings. You just want to enhance your beauty, that’s it.


Especially to you who’s a beginner, keep this as your reason and have this list of products loved and used by many to achieve your soft glam or no make-up makeup look. Let’s make your first makeup simple.


Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation

This is good for dry or oily skin and has a matte finish. Available in drugstores, you just have to make sure the foundation matches your skin tone.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Another product from Maybelline! This covers all the blemishes and dark spots if you have any. Again, pick the right concealer as it may look too light or too dark for your skin color.



Tony Molly Eyebrow Pencil

Remember that your eyebrows don’t look the same and it is hard to make them look like each other. So if you have been struggling, an eyebrow threading might be your answer. Use this Tony Molly Eyebrow Pencil to enhance the shape of your eyebrows. Pick the shade that matched with your hair color.



Naked Mineralize Matte Eyeshadow Palette

This product has nude colors so you won’t have a hard time choosing and mix-matching what suits you best. Naked Mineralize Matte Eyeshadow Palette is pigmented and blendable if you are worrying if they would look bad on you.


Sunnies Face Lip Dip

Sunnies Face Lip Dips has a wide range of shades to choose from. Plus, they are not too bright or too dark — just enough to achieve the soft glam look that you want. Lip Dip in Girl Crush and Lip Dip in Posh is a must-try.



If you hear someone saying you shouldn’t put makeup, shut them down and say “I am not doing this for you, I am doing this for myself.”

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