Here’s Why Kisses Is So Done With Superficial Beauty Standards

Pimple lang yan, maganda ako. Maganda tayo!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Maraming nagsasabi sa akin na like this daw yung eyes ko so hindi ako Filipina beauty. But the truth is, Filipina beauty is being a Filipina and feeling that you’re beautiful.

– Kisses


Kisses Delavin has captured the hearts of many because of her sweet and charming disposition. Let’s admit it. She is undoubtedly “beauty and brains”. Before I even met her on set, I knew she has already joined and won a lot of pageants. With that, she would be able to nail every question I have for her. At the end of the shoot, she did answer all my questions but it wasn’t like a tailored type of answers you would expect.


Getting to know her in between photoshoots and wardrobe changes shows how genuine this 20-year-old artist is. She really is something special. She backs up her answers with authentic experiences and emotions —nothing sugarcoated. It’s all her, the Kisses Delavin that a lot of people love. Despite the solid and massive support she receives, some people still think she is not really beautiful in a Filipina standard of beauty.



Beauty is when you don’t need to read the comments of other people about your face because you already know that you are beautiful.


For our February STAIL Icon Kisses Delavin, stereotyping beauty should stop. Although it might not be inevitable for some, she wants to encourage us to embrace what we like and what we feel most good about ourselves. She said, “If you like what you look like and if you want to change what you look like, you can do it as long as you feel good about it. Kasi beauty is about feeling good about yourself.”


It’s true. We don’t have control over other people. Do you know what we have control over? Loving ourselves. We have the control and power on how much we can love ourselves.



It doesn’t matter how you look like. Basta, if you feel like you‘re a beautiful Filipina, then you are a beautiful Filipina. There are so many standards when it comes to beauty kaya you should make your own para di ka ma-swesway ng beauty standards ng iba.


You do YOU, as they say. The moment you give the flaw the power to affect you, it will affect you. “You shouldn’t give it the power to affect you,” Kisses shared.






For those who feel like they are not beautiful



“For me, I can’t blame them. With all the standards na nakikita nila sa social media, superficial ‘yung standards. It’s normal for other people to feel like they are not as beautiful as the pictures online. But you know what, normal magkaroon ng pimple, normal magkaroon ng breakout. What matters most is that when you get a pimple isipin mo lang na pimple lang yan, maganda ako. Maganda tayo!”


As she steps out of her comfort zone and moves from one management to another, Kisses believes that women should support snd empower one another. Besides, she knows she’s a Filipina. She knows she is beautiful.



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