Kyline: Life of A Young Actress

When the flower blooms...
by Alliah Delgado

Flowers bloom when the perfect time comes. After facing all the rain and thunder, and after all the cold and hot weather. The flower blooms when the sun shines right above it, where its rays subtly touch its beautiful petals to its stem down to her roots. It is when you know that the seed is turning into a flower and blooming majestically.


Just like a flower, that is how a woman blooms. Tested by her days, she also faces the rain and thunder that comes her way. She patiently waits for the perfect time to bloom where she can be most beautiful.


And if sunflower is a woman, she is Kyline. With all her bright colors, she can light up the darkened room. With her passion in everything she does, she continues to bloom day after day.




“There will always be people who will belittle you. Always. But, don’t listen to them. Listen to that little voice inside your heart that’s telling you that you can, because that little voice will soon turn to a roar and it’ll help you to keep going.”



As a young actress, she experiences rejections countless times. It is for not being good enough, not the “star-quality”, and because of the beauty standards of the society. With this reality, she learned to accept things and listen to what her heart is telling her. She faced all of this head strong and not alone.


Her family, friends, and fans aka her sunflowers are her reasons to keep going. It is their undying support and love for Kyline that she will forever remember and treasure.


“Best feeling is when people start to recognize you as an actress and keeps on praising and calling you by your character name. That’s when I realized that I’m finally doing the thing that I like and I’m leaving a mark with it.”



As she turns into the woman she wants to be, her world is now her playground as she readies herself for more intense and challenging roles. Her dream actress to work with is none other than Cherie Gil. Being able to work with her on Starstruck, she dreams that someday, they can play on a heavy drama role and be slapped by Cherie Gil.


When it comes to performances, Beyonce is her inspiration. She says Fake Love is her favorite among all her songs, it has the energy and vibe that showcases her talent.


“In everything that you do, make sure to do it from your heart and give your 100%. Do it as if the director needs you to do it in only one take.”



She gave emphasis on taking your time and making sure every thing will be worth it. She reminded those who are just beginning their career that “Soon you’ll find your niche and once you’ve found it embrace it, nurture it, and don’t stop learning. Learn to appreciate that gift of yours.” Pour your heart in your craft and in time, all your hard work will be a sweet success story.

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