Look! A Local Lip Balm That Contains 10 Plant Extracts

It's time to invest in your lips.
by STAIL Team

Dry lips? Place some tint. Chapped lips? Slather some lipstick. No honey, that’s not a gradient lip look; your lips are just screaming for help. Ever notice how when you’re putting on lip tints and the tint clings on the inner corners of your mouth? That’s neither good news nor a good look. Your lips need saving!

Ever thought of investing in and using a lip balm? You should. Lucky for you, this local lip balm will solve your lip problems.

One common mistake we make when using lipstick and lip tint is leaving them on 24/7. Some would even apply layers and layers of the product without thinking of their lips’ condition.

Beauty Balm by Ellana Cosmetics is available in two variants: Unscented and Cooling with Peppermint. They come in a clean white tube that dispenses the product effortlessly. They contain 10 plant extracts that help restore your lips’ natural softness.

The 10 plant extracts are chamomile, green tea, rosemary, centella, licorice, shea butter, cocoa butter, baikal skullcap, Japanese knotweed,Β  and Tocopherol (Vitamin E). Combined, they work to smoothen, soothe, and hydrate dry to normal lips.

The best part is that they’re petrolum-free and made with CalmYang wax from Biospectrum Korea, a type ofΒ wax with strong anti-irritation and soothing properties. If you’re worried about that burning or tingling sensation when using new products, you won’t feel that with these balms.

The Beauty Balm is available online through www.ellanacometics.com.


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