Here’s Your Maymay Entrata Guide For The #NoMakeup Look

Still, one of the most significant makeup trends to date is not wearing any.
by Jasmine Gagarin

With all the constant celebrity full-glam shoots and images taking over our feed, we often wonder how these stars look like without that full face of makeup. This isn’t against makeup, but it’s always interesting to see influencers look just like us, mundane. Still, one of the most significant makeup trend to date is not wearing any. I mean, there’s power and confidence with brows on point or highlights for days. However, it’s also empowering just to let your skin breath and be free from beating. Maymay Entrata can attest to that!



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This PBB Star has always been busy with her career. Without a doubt, she’s always juggling between her shows, shoots, and endorsements. With her busy schedule, it’s still essential to have a good skincare routine to achieve that fresh no-makeup look. Gladly, she doesn’t disappoint!




Tag along as we recap some of Maymay Entrata’s #NoMakeup looks!


When a smile is the best makeup, Maymay wants to wear…

and some ice cream, of course!





Maymay reveals her secret to being selfie-ready and to getting that #NoMakeup look

It’s always important to take care of those designer bags under your eyes. Maymay makes sure to use these eye mask gels to combat puffiness and reduce dark circles under her pretty eyes.





Date with Bae?

Always cute to find someone who’ll love you with or without makeup. Agree? Here’s our cute loveteam, literally “sailing.”



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Sunkissed look

Maymay has this beauty gene that allows her to look confident and beautiful even without an ounce of makeup on. She’s definitely one to keep it natural.






Go for that Maymay level of freshness

She has those edgy facial features such as her fierce jaw, but she can also look sweet and cute, especially in this photo.Β  Radiance still exudes from this no-makeup selfie.




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