Men’s Grooming Habits For A Neat And Clean Look #ManCareGuide

Girls love well-groomed men. Other guys also really like well-groomed men, if that’s up your alley.
by Ian Vill

There has been a massive stereotype about men’s grooming. Despite feeling the need to groom themselves properly, society often tells them, “You’re a guy anyway.” This might give men the impression that they can look, however they want. In this day and age, we can truly look, however we want, but this is not an excuse to smell like a rotten potato. As civilized human beings, we would like to look and smell the part.


Thankfully, there are small habits you can develop to ensure you are at your best game everyday.



It may sound like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference. Just a minute of taking the time to wash your face at least twice a day can ensure your face stays clean. Guys who live a very active lifestyle and are exposed to dirt and pollution daily will benefit in washing their face every 3 to 4 hours to keep all that nasty oil and dirt away. 


It’s also essential to choose the right cleanser to wash your face. Click here to learn about your skin type to know the best approach for your face. We also have an article dedicated to teaching the basic steps of skincare to guys who want to keep their face looking handsome.

men wash face



Guys can often get away with any kind of hair they want, but this doesn’t mean they are well-groomed. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is long or short; there are ways to maintain your hair properly to look neat and clean. 


Use a conditioner when you shower to keep your hair smooth. This is essential if you have long hair. We don’t want to look like we’re from 3000 BC Mesopotamia. Heck, people back then might have better hair than you. We don’t want that. 


Comb your hair. Wax or gel your hair if you have to. Better yet, get a brand new hair cut and visit your barber often to ensure your hair is always on point.

men's grooming hair


Products To Try:

  • Bench Clay Doh Molding Clay
  • Man Pomade
  • Hanz De Fuko Hybridizing Wax
  • Suave



An extension to the earlier section, facial hair is an essential part of men’s styles. This comes as a natural part for many of us men. Our beards, goatees, mustaches, or whatever style of facial hair you might have, we have to ensure it always looks neat. 


We can’t just have a giant fuzz in our face or random patches of hair on our cheeks. If you want to keep your face smooth, make sure to shave every day. Shave gently, accurately, and slowly to avoid cuts and ingrown hair. If you want to keep rocking your beard or goatee, give your barber a visit often. If not, then give yourself time to learn how to cut and shave it properly. Shave and trim it every few days. 

men's grooming


Products To Try:

  • Gilette Fusion 5
  • Philips Electric Shaver
  • Remington Foil Shaver
  • Wahl Stainless Steel Trimmer



Yep, you read that right. Eyebrows matter. Just like every other hair on your head, it’s essential to keep your eyebrows in check. Some guys tend to have bushy brows, and while this in itself isn’t bad, having messy bushy brows can look unsightly. Shave and trim your eyebrows regularly. Get it threaded if you have to. Sharp brows make a sharp and handsome look.

men's eyebrow threading


Products To Try:

  • Tweezerman LTD Brow Shaping Scissor and Brush
  • Home-X Trimming Scissors and Comb
  • Comb Kent Folding Beard Comb
  • Nudestix Brow Wax



Another extension on facial hair care, guys tend to grow some seriously long nose hairs. Nose hairs are a vital part of the body. They filter dust and dirt from the air whenever we breathe. But this is also not an excuse to let them grow out of control. Having long nose hair can make some men look like they have booger sticking out of their nose even when it’s just hair. Get yourself some nose trimmers and cut those hairs down a bit. It will keep your face looking booger free. Of course, do remember actually to clean your nose before you cut those hairs. Nasty boogers sticking to your nose trimmers are very unhygienic.

men's grooming nose hair


Products To Try;

  • Philips Nose Trimmers
  • Panasonic Nose Trimmer
  • Toilet Tree Nose Trimmer
  • Wahl Nose Trimmer



Did you think only girls could do their nails? There’s a huge misconception that nail care needs to include nail colors and is exclusive to women. While it’s okay for guys to get nail color, we understand that some guys would prefer a more natural look. The easiest way to maintain natural-looking yet neat looking nails is to make sure to trim them every week only. It’s also not uncommon nowadays for men to get manicures and get their nails polished, so they look clean. Also, don’t forget your toenails. 

men's grooming nails

Products To Try:

  • Get a nailcutter. Seriouly, you can get them in convenience stores.


Men have to take particular care of their ears. Unlike girls who usually have long enough hair to cover their ears, men’s ears are generally exposed since they often have short hairstyles. A side view look of a man can tell how much they maintain their hygiene. Well-groomed men would know to clean their ears in the daily. Make a habit of cleaning those ears after every shower. Wet ears can attract more dust and dirt. Get some cotton buds and remove that water before it gets worse. 

men clean ears


Products To Try:

  • Sanicare Paper Cotton Buds (Environmentally Friendly)
  • Clinere Ear Cleaner
  • Debrox Ear Drops


Now I’m sure I don’t even have to mention this. Smelling good is imperative in men’s grooming, heck even in human grooming in general. Nobody wants to hang around with someone who smells like sweat and body odor all the time. This is easy to get around. Just use a deodorant and mist yourself a good body spray or perfume.

men smell good


Products To Try:

  • Clinique Happy For Men
  • Axe Body Spray
  • Isopropyl Alcohol. Yep. It smells good. Don’t drink it.


Girls love well-groomed men. Other guys also really like well-groomed men, if that’s up your alley.

Remember to stay neat and never take men’s grooming for granted.


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