What The Hell Is Feminine Wash? What Men Should Know

Educate yourself on one of women's biggest mysteries... feminine wash! #DudeViews
by Ian Vill

Ah, women. For a lot of us men out there, they can be quite mysterious creatures. There is one thing about them; I specifically find it very interesting. I went inside the toilet today and saw a particularly curious object along our liquid soap and shampoo. It was feminine wash. 



Yes, I am aware of what feminine wash is about. It’s what the ladies use to clean their unique pearls. But the way they use it has always been a baffling mystery to me. 


What actually is a feminine wash, and why do women have to use a separate hygiene product on their oysters? Why can’t they just use soap?

feminine wash


If you’re aware of skincare and the importance of balancing one’s pH level on the face to avoid irritation… then it’s pretty much the same thing. A woman’s magic conch is very sensitive. It must be rubbed with the right amount of acidity and disinfectant to ensure it is clean and comfortable throughout the day.



Now, another question that used to run through my mind was, “how is it used?” For a considerable chunk of my life I used to think feminine washes were used in particular ways to make it specific to women. Dare I say; I thought it was actually inserted into one’s papaya to clean that specific area.



I genuinely thought it to be logical that women would insert it in their rabbit holes to keep the insides clean as well. As reasonable as this may sound to an ignorant guy like me, of course, it isn’t logical. This would most likely disturb and hugely irritate their insides.


So how do women actually use feminine wash? Well, if you know how to wash your own giggle stick, then you probably know how women use feminine wash. It’s that simple. It’s just like any other soap. One puts it on their hands and gently pet their precious little kitten.


I hope this somehow educated other ignorant men like me to the purpose and use of feminine wash for that special place down there.

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