Neurobion #FeelToWin: Experience The Frustration

How will you feel if suddenly, you can no longer do simple daily tasks?
by Jasmine Gagarin

Pangangalay, pamamanhid, and tusok tusok. Many of us probably experience this throughout the day at work, at home, or on our random endeavors. How will you feel if suddenly, you can no longer do simple daily tasks? Isn’t that going to be frustrating? Great thing we found out about Neurobion!


P&G’s Neurobion, the world leader in B Vitamins combinations product invited media and other guests in the launch event held recently in Eastwood Mall Atrium, Quezon City. The event is to raise awareness on Neuropathy or nerve damage with the brand’s first-ever Sense Glove VR challenge.


Celebrity Nerve Drill Instructors for the day, Gabby Concepcion, Sam YG and Suzy Entrata-Abrera assisted everyone.

Photo by STAIL PH


Lifestyle choices play a significant role in nerve health. Ultimately inevitable, neuropathy or nerve damage can affect people of all ages. In fact, older people are at increased risk. Most of us Filipinos admit to feeling the frustration from the symptoms of neuropathy but usually don’t do anything about it.

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Naturally, our nerves can still be repaired when damaged but only for a specified timeline. So if 50% or more of the nerve tissues is already damaged, then the damage is permanent. To help prevent this, Neurobion conducted a survey asking men and women on how they deal with health issues, and here are the results:


53% – admitted to brushing off symptoms of being sick; which means more than half of the population could already be feeling signs of Neuropathy without them knowing.

88% – of the respondents admitted to feeling the exact symptoms of Neuropathy but neglects the feeling because they feel like it’s less important than the task at hand

84% – say that not being able to do everyday tasks would be extremely frustrating. They must address the symptoms of Neuropathy, instead of merely brushing them off.



Neurobion wants to let people experience the frustration of having neuropathy. Thus, they presented a breakthrough technology called the sense glove VR. A haptic glove that provides tactile and forces feedback, enabling users to feel and interact with objects in virtual reality. The brand also has a new event series called the Neurobion Feel To Win where there are a series of challenges to test the strength of people’s nerves. These challenges include the Nerve Twist, Nerve Wobble, and Sense Glove VR. Celebrity nerve drill instructors assisted everyone throughout the challenge.


This challenge reinvents the classic Twister game by using everyday poses that strain the nerves. Here, Sam does the MRT pose.




Suzy helps utilize a wobble board to test a person’s ability to hold a pose for extended periods.

Suzy Entrata – Abrera by STAIL PH


This advanced technology lets you touch the object in virtual reality. Here, I was able to feel the frustration of stacking blocks of wood as it was tough to move my fingers. That’s what happens when you have neuropathy. Gabby Concepcion assisted this challenge.

Gabby Concepcion by STAIL PH

Neurobion’s Facebook account



“Instead of waiting for problems to go wrong, it’s very, very important to nurture your body. Especially your nerves, your muscles, and your cells,” said Sam when asked how vital nerve health is for him. We asked what activity he would miss the most if his nerve health deteriorates. Sam said he would miss triathlons, racing cars, and riding cars. He also emphasized the importance of Neurobion partnered with a healthy lifestyle.


Experience the Sense Glove for yourself at the Neurobion Feel to Win event in Lucky Chinatown Mall Atrium on September 21.

To learn more about keeping your nerves healthy, follow Neurobion Philippines on Facebook.

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