Scents & Sex Appeal: Men’s Fragrances 2019

Every man needs to smell good. Not just good – you have to smell great! 
by Mark Baccay

There’s no greater compliment in this world than to be told you smell great! Let’s be real, to be appreciated for your looks has its highs, and to be recognized for your style is a confidence booster. However, smelling good is a whole new different level. So, If you want to have that extra boost, Scents and Fragrances are the keys!


Every man needs to smell good. Not just good – you have to smell great! For a man, having a signature scents is sexy! However, trying finding one that will fit your style and sex appeal can be a challenge.In that case, from classics to new releases, here, are the best everyday scents and fragrances you need to spray on.

Chanel | Bleu de Chanel

Scents and fragrances are highly in demand this year. With that, this mixture of rustic wood and citrusy fresh combined in one bottle is a must-try fragrance. Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel is perfect for every season all year long.




Chanel | Bleu de Chanel

Tom Ford | Oud Wood

This scent from Tom Ford is a rare, exotic and distinctive Eau de Parfum featuring oud wood, one of the most precious and expensive ingredients in a perfumer’s arsenal. This is one of Tom Ford’s best-selling fragrances on the market to date.  Plus, the ladies love it on a guy and, well, so do the guys.  It’s a masculinity booster and a chic magnet.



Tom Ford | Oud Wood

Viktor & Rolf | Spicebomb

Everyone seems to be obsessed with Spicebomb! Just look how cool the bottle is! No question why it’s a top-selling cologne for three years now. This addictive, spicy, and zesty scent is comforting and distinctive enough to turn some heads and grabs some compliments. Every spray transforms you into a powerful, intense, and daring man.



Valentino | Uomo’ Fragrance

Elegance in a bottle, that’s how you describe the Valentino Uomo fragrance. Imagine the scent of vibrant myrtle highlights the lurking sparkle of bergamot, with a suave, velvety feeling. The bottle has a tactile presence, while its shape, unveiling the perfume’s amber juice. Nothing but pure elegance.



Versace | Eros

Just like the Greek God of love, every heart will be in your hands with this scent. A Refreshing and awakening take on fragrances; this bottle is a mixture of Italian lemon zest, amber, cedarwood, and vetiver.  This fragrance is one thing you need to have in every night out with the boys.





“Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and a woman’s personality. Without it, there is something missing.

Gianni Versace


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