Is It Better To Use A Brush Or A Comb? Find Out Here!

Have a good hair day every day!
by Jasmine Gagarin

It’s always essential to keep strands in its proper place. A lot of girls say that most of the time, “good hair day” is non-existent, but it’s actually possible. Good hair days can depend on the right tools! By that, it’s either you use a brush, comb, or both.



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You see, the choice is not supercritical. There’s no need to choose from a bunch of hairstyling stools from the market because it’s time to go back to the basics.




If your hair isn’t curly or short, brushes are perfect to smoothen out the strands for shiny and healthy hair. There are different kinds of brushes for different purposes too.


1. Round Brush

This thing is one of the favorite tools of hairdressers since it’s conducive when it comes to styling hair.


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2. Thermal Round Brush

It comes with a metal insert that heats up well and thus making it faster to style your hair.


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3. Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are perfect for everyday use. It always helps to give that sleek finish.


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4. Vented Brush

You can speed up your hair drying time because this one allows air from your blow dryer to pass through it. If you want a fast hairstyle or when you’re in a hurry, use this one!


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A comb is best used when your hair is still wet. It’s suitable for curly and people with short hair.



1. Wide-toothed Comb

Use this to detangle your curls without spoiling its shape quickly. Avoid using a brush when your hair is still wet. Use a com first. Start at the ends then work your way up to the rots to avoid breakage.


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2. Tall Comb

If you want a more dramatic hairstyle, you can use this skinny tool to perfectly part your hair in the middle or make a zig-zag style.


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3. Heat Resistant Comb

This one is great when using a straightener because it doesn’t melt from the heat.


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