Smize With Maymay Entrata- approved Eye Makeup Looks

WERQ IT! Choose from soft to full-on glam eye makeup! 
by Mintzy Flor

Aubrey Hepburn once said, “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” Which is why picking the right color and style for your eyeshadow really says something. The trick is to always have fun with your makeup, stop focusing on the latest trends, and know what works for you.

For our Stail Icon, actress Maymay Entrata, one thing that sets her apart is her big brown eyes. Her eyes speak volumes; one gaze brightens up a room.

In our exclusive interview with makeup artist Owen Sarmiento, we learn Maymay’s secret for achieving and highlighting her modelesque look that is sure to kill the runaway and camera.

Monochromatic Makeup


The trend of matching your shirt with your pants and shoes has taken over the beauty industry as well. If you’re using a nude lipstick, why don’t you use the same shade for your eyelids and cheeks as well? Stick with one or two tones and build up the color until your jawline for definition. Just like Maymay, nudes and peachy shades complement morenas‘ dusky skin tone. For the fair-skinned, play around with pink and red shades for a fresh look.

Bronzed and Golden Glow

There’s no such thing as over-highlighting and contouring if you’re in front of the camera. Smoky eyeshadows will never fade; amplify your look by sweeping brown and champagne shades while shaping your eyeshadow. Add black winged eyeliner and lash extensions for volume. Go for a nude or brown lipstick. If you’re feeling extra AF, add some shimmer to your neck and shoulders for that glowy look.

Glitter and Metallics

If your eyelids have a deep crease, add shape and color; if your eyelids are shallow, go for a softer look. Adding glitter to your eyeshadow not only makes it shine, but it also glams up your overall look. The first step is to prime your eyes to create a barrier. When adding glitter, use an adhesive for easy application. Build it by layering; more glitter means higher intensity. Complete the look by adding a mauve lipstick for a splash of color.

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