STAIL Approved: Get Rid Of That Zit In 2 Days! #DermaAngel

Spot on healing
by Jasmine Gagarin

Yep, another one for the acnes. Surely, there’s always a way to get rid of them. With all the products out there, we feel your pain in knowing which one truly works for you. There are creams, spot treatments, oils, and acne patches. The latter is what I highly recommend. However, are skin patches worth the hype? Well, It works for me, and most girls can attest to that as well. You might be wondering what acne patches are. These are healing stickers that are made explicitly for breakouts. Recently, I found Derma Angel at Watson’s Store and tried it. I was having a bad breakout on my forehead, and I thought, why not?



If you’re looking for a good pimple patch but don’t know what’s right for you, start with Derma Angel.




The ultra-thin edges have an average thickness of 0.01cm, making the patch almost undetectable on the skin. Hydrocolloid materials work like a sponge to absorb pus and oil. They act as a protective cover, reducing the urge to squeeze or pick at a blemish, help wound to heal faster.



It was my first time to use one. Applied the stickers for two consecutive days, and my acne, poof—gone. There’s still a little blemish, but that or a full-blown zit? Sis, you know the rest.






So what’s the difference between Derma Angel and other acne patches?

1. Derma Angel has a thin exterior and thick interior of patented design. Its ultra-thin edges within <0.02cm, which fits the skin perfectly and makes acne invisible.

2. Its advanced concealment design makes it perfect when applying makeup.

3.  The patches are very convenient to use. It has an easy tearing design that provides extra convenient removal as much as the breeze in putting it on.




Everyone needs a guardian angel, someone magical that’ll make their wishes come true and protect them from trouble.




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