STAIL Editor Pick: RRaw PH

From bar soaps to under eye cream made of all-natural ingredients!
by Mintzy Flor

Finding the right beauty product takes time, as there are ingredients that we may be sensitive to. Which is why sometimes going natural is the only way to go. What if you could use skincare products that are both natural and locally available?

Rraw Philippines gives you that opportunity. Beauty junkies might have heard of the brand from Canada. Did you know that there’s also Rraw in the Philippines? The brand is based in Iloilo, and produces some of the best natural beauty products using locally sourced ingredients.

We had the pleasure of talking to Rraw Philippines COO, Irene Samantha Tan.

Tell us about the brand and the story behind RRAW PH.

Rraw is for the bare and beautiful. No matter your age, gender, or the color of your skin, we want you to love every part of you that makes you “you.” We want to help elevate your beauty and grow with you. 

What sets RRAW PH apart from other local brands?

I think what sets us apart is that we really try our best to keep our items plant-powered and locally made. There are so many beautiful botanical ingredients out there just waiting to be used. 

What are your best-sellers?

Herb Facial Serums (Php 349) – We have three different variants, which cater to the three  basic skin types: normal, oily, and sensitive. 

Honey Moisturizer (Php 249) – Made with royal jelly, which is super nice to have on the skin to help keep it hydrated during our long summer months. 

Sun/Moon Crystal Cleanser (Php 280) – These are our facial soaps that have become such a holy grail for some people! This is a two-bar soap that is used for the morning and night!

Tea Butter (Php 249) – Our under eye cream that helps with lightening your  eye bags and lets you achieve that “I woke up with like this” look to perfection!

What would you like the readers to know about your brand?

Rraw PH is actually run by two sisters! Meaning it is literally built on sisterly love! And what’s more uplifting and sisterly than SKINCARE?! 

Any new products we should look forward to? 

At the moment, we have tons of new things to release! We’re literally bouncing off the wall with excitement at announcing them! You guys will just have to stay tuned to our IG. 

Order Rraw PH products through The products are also available on Shopee and Instagram.


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