Sue Ramirez Spills The Tea About Her Beauty Secret

Hint: it includes sleep.
by Jasmine Gagarin

Life in the entertainment industry can be pretty rough. A lot of us may think it’s always that glamorous kind of life celebrities have. Honestly, I did think so too. However, as I delve in the glitz and glam are sleepless nights spent outside the comfort of their homes. We can take solace in knowing that they’re humans, too, and they also miss the most basic human necessity: sleep.


Our October STAIL Icon Sue Ramirez admittedly confessed she’s tired and sleepy from a teleserye or movie taping. But, just because she feels like it, doesn’t mean she needs to look like it. Trust me; she looked radiant in her bodycon dress and dad sneakers. She had all this energy and vibrant aura as she had her hair and makeup done for STAIL.PH cover shoot. In an exclusive interview with STAIL.PH, Sue reveals her beauty secrets and go-to products.



Lack of sleep is the number one cause of stress. Pag hindi mo naipapahinga ang katawan mo, hihina ka.


“Especially in this industry. A lot of people have left us kasi sobrang tuon sila sa pagtatrabaho, nakalimutan na nila alagaan ang sarili nila. Number one talaga na kailangan is sleep. Every time that I get the chance to sleep, I get it. And that’s my talent; I can sleep anywhere.”, shared Sue. She said she has a hard time sleeping only in her room as it is so comfortable. When she’s filming or when on a taping set, she always makes sure to grab every opportunity to take a nap even for only ten or fifteen minutes. Sometimes, she would use up her lunch or dinner hour to rest and take asleep.



Sue and Makeups

She usually gets her makeup done at least twice a day for tapings and shoots. “Minsan pag tengga or walang ginagawa, tinatanggal ko tapos nagsskin care ako. Naglalagay nalang ako ulit para fresh yung makeup.” She also makes sure she never sleeps with her makeup on because she surely will get a pimple the day after. She makes sure she gives her skin a time to rest and breathe from all the makeup she puts on her face.



On having breakouts + Go-to products


Sue seldom gets breakouts. She said, “I get breakouts when I’m on my period or when I’m super duper puyat or tired.  Meron naman akong remedy agad so di siya tumutuloy.”. She regularly goes to Belo or use an ointment as spot treatment.


Her skin type is oily. That’s why she makes sure to apply moisturizer on her face before she sleeps at night and uses a toner right when she wakes up. Sue also emphasizes the use of sunblock to protect our skin even when we’re just at home. For her hair, she gets them treated at Jing Monis Salon every once in a while.


I like sports more than working out.


Although she used to train with Bok Santos, Sue admits she’d instead go and play basketball or volleyball than lift weights or do sit-ups. When she has free time, she makes sure to spend it with her family or with the people she loves.


“Hindi po madali. Gumugulong kami sa putik, pinapaulanan kami ng madaling araw. But it’s an experience, and di naman ako nagrereklamo kasi naeenjoy ko naman. I love it.”


To some, the entertainment industry seems like a world full of celebrity encounters, red carpets, and after-parties. Sue knows more than that.

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