The Commute Life Is Real: Four Products To The Rescue

Remember to pack these in your (survival) kit. 
by STAIL Team

When you brave Manila’s roads, which has some of the world’s worst traffic, you’re going to need all the reinforcements you can get to overcome all the heat and dirt that go with commuting. Believe us, to commute in the Philippines is not good at all, especially during rush hour.



Imagine the sweat and all the dirt that gets stuck on your face and body.  Not to mention the moment you step inside the train and there’s literally no space to move around or hold on to. But you can still slay with these reliable products.

Wet Wipes



When in doubt and covered in sweat, wet wipes are your friend. Pick out a scented one, something that is refreshing but doesn’t irritate your skin and nose. Best to use when you’re feeling sticky and you just need a quick hilamos of your face and arms. You’re welcome.



Light Cologne



Go for something powdery or similar to a baby’s natural scent. This will not only cool you but also relieve the passenger next to you. Pick a cologne that is easy to spray all over your body. Your body, okay, not your clothes.


Facial Mist




A facial mist is kind of like a  moisturizer in a bottle. Spritz some on your face whenever you need to re-energize yourself. Choose ingredients with menthol for that cooling effect, and tea tree oil for its anti-bacterial properties.


Oil Blotting Paper



The struggle is real when it comes to sebum during humid days. Rather than layering it with powder or foundation, opt for an oil blotting sheet or paper. But beware: this doesn’t help shrink pores; rather, it can even worsen it. Gently pat the paper on the T-zone of your face, and avoid dragging it across your face and pulling your skin downwards.

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