There’s A New Reason To “Love” Benefit Cosmetics

Let's paint the town red with this new lip tint!
by STAIL Team

If there is one thing in the beauty community that will never go old, it’s lip tint!

A favorite makeup product that’s always inside our bags and pockets, lip tint is all we need to complete our everyday look. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used on our lips, cheek, and even eyelids. One of our favorite brands that made tint famous just added a new shade to its collection.

Benefit Cosmetics recently released “Love Tint,” a fiery red lip and cheek stain. It comes it the brand’s iconic packaging; only this one is in red. The red hue is perfect for creating that bold and fierce statement. A dab of this on your cheeks will give you that desired flushed look. Cop that drunk blush look or layer it evenly for a red pout.

The best thing about this new product is that it comes with an updated doe-foot applicator that follows the curve of your lips. No more ticklish feeling or difficulty blending the tint on your lips. Now, you can create a gradient effect on a full lip. The Love Tint claims to be smudge-proof, budge-proof, and kiss-proof!

Not into reds? No need to panic as the red of this one seems to be universally flattering for all skin colors. Love Tint comes in full size (Php 1,900) and a mini size best for traveling (Php 1,200). Aside from this, we can expect a release of other tints with the new packaging soon.

Watch out for their announcements on their social media outlets!

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