These Acne Patches Will Help You Love Yourself More

Treat me like a star!
by Jasmine Gagarin

We are always after showing our skin some love. Moreover, we already know a lot of skincare tips and routines to keep our skin fresh and healthy. Do you remember the horrors we had when we were in high school? Well, I do.  We all have this indescribable relationship with acne – whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and all the usual stuff.





I remember having acne breakouts on my forehead back in my teenage years. Admittedly, my bangs were the perfect cover-up for that but little did I know that my little acne friends were more irritated. That started my search for clearer skin. The agony of this skin dilemma goes for teenagers and can extend to adulthood too.  The word “acne” is one of the most googled skin concerns. That’s a lot of clicks online – from acne breakout solutions to pimple popping videos! It’s all out there.






Lately, acne appreciation posts have been rampant across social media. Celebrate your zits, as they all say. After all, it doesn’t have to be an agony. A new skincare brand supports that proposition. STARFACE, founded by Julie Schott, former beauty director of, and Brian Bordainick, a serial entrepreneur. Together, they created “hydro-stars” patches that will change your acne game! These hydrocolloid patches help your zits heal faster and protect them from all the rubbing and scrubbing.





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“Acne is the most common skin condition in America, but pimples are still largely stigmatized. They’re completely hidden in most advertising, pop culture and mainstream media,” Schott told Dazed Digital. “Studies show that having acne, especially as a teenager can cause lasting psychological distress. It certainly doesn’t help when you’re faced with treatment products that use languages like ‘blemish’ and ‘imperfection.’ Starface is here to normalize pimples, show acneic skin some love. Ultimately skincare is supposed to make you feel good.”



Each kit comes with 8 of these 4-sticker sheets.



There are a lot of patches now in the market, but the goal of STARFACE is not just to help in healing. It’s all about encouraging customers not to worry whether other people can see their zits. The company says that at the end of the day, acne-positivity is the name of the game!

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