A 10-minute Workout To Boost Your Life In Quarantine

by STAIL Team

Working out is hard. Even doing ten daily crunches is already a struggle on its own, what more for a full workout session in the gym? And what’s more, who even has time for that? A day filled with meetings and deadlines and whatnot, and it’s hard to find the time and energy to commit to a real workout routine.


But don’t worry, we got you! For all the working folks out there who want to stay fit, but don’t want to spend too much of your day (or your weekend!) in the gym, we did a simple 10-minute workout, guaranteed to stretch those muscles, and give you a much-needed energy boost to kickstart your day.


Stretch Workout for 2 Minutes

Stretching before starting your workout is a must! It prevents cramping and will prepare your muscles for the strenuous exercise.


45-Second Jumping Jacks 

Easy as ABC! You got this in the bag!


Squats for 1 Minute

Make sure your form is perfect! When you bend, do not let your knees go beyond your toes. Take it nice and slow!


15-Second Workout Break

You deserve a time out after that! Don’t sit down just yet. Do some breathing exercises to pace yourself.


1-Minute Donkey Kicks (30 seconds on each leg)

Get ready to get down on your knees for this ultimate butt workout! You got this!

Complete two circuits of these exercises and you’re ready to start your day! Don’t forget to hydrate properly and cool down!

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