This Local Brand Will Release The Inner Diwata In You

Embrace Filipina beauty. 
by STAIL Team

Do you belong to that 60 percent who order their eyeshadow palettes online? Adding more items to your carts just to get free shipping and sometimes waiting for a restock? We’re too dependent on international brands that sometimes we need to look on the other side, check out products that are locally made.

Recently, we found local eyeshadow in a new homegrown cosmetics line that aims to inspire love for the country. Its flagship collection is composed of an eyeshadow palette and two shades of nude lip glosses.

A portmanteau of “Filipina” and “pinta” which, when loosely translated, means “face paint for Filipinas,” Filipinta invites Filipinas to adopt modern makeup looks as well as develop an appreciation for local culture.

Its first collection,”Diwata,” was inspired by the colorful native mythical stories and creatures in the country. 

There are four people behind the brand. New York-based visual artist and indie singer Hana ACBD; former model Jasel Donato; public relations practitioner Anna Pangalangan; and TV celebrity and host Joyce Pring.

The eyeshadow palette features highly pigmented soft matte browns, bright oranges, and forest greens that complement the diverse skin colors of Filipinas. There are also jelly shimmers in deep green and bronze.

Filipinta’s two lip glosses are “Maria Cacao,” a deep brown nude metallic shade and “Maria Makiling,” a dusty nude pink color.

Check out their Instagram page and for more information.

This Local Brand Will Release The Inner Diwata In You


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