This Universal Balm is the Highlight of Our Summer

by   Edlaine "Mintzy" Flor

by Mintzy Flor

We Filipinos naturally love to eat and we enjoy dishes with a hint of sweetness to them. For some, a good and satisfying meal always ends with dessert! Whether it comes in fruit or pastry form, we always have a craving for the golden fruit–mango.

You’ve probably heard by now that our national fruit has touched the hearts of Emily Weiss’s Team, which is why her company, Glossier, recently released a new addition to its balm dotcoms–Mango, a perfect choice for summer! The beauty cult favorite has given us a wide variety of irresistible balm flavors in the past, from coconut goodness to a delectable birthday cake from Milk Bar.

For those who still doesn’t know, Glossier Balm Dotcom is a universal skin balm that you can use for everything. It contains natural plant and fruit extracts and delivers moisturized lips all day. Now you can enjoy mangoes in many ways–fresh, dried, and in the form of a balm.

Grab a tube from its official shop. What are you waiting for? Mango wild for you, girl!

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