Why Maine Mendoza Can Proudly Show Off Her Underarms

Clue: It's in her deodorant. 
by Mintzy Flor

Skincare routines are a must! Whether you’re a celebrity, influencer, or ordinary person, looking after your body is a necessity. One of the first rules of personal care: Never use chemicals on the sensitive areas of your body, like your underarms. TV personality and actress Maine Mendoza knows that for a fact, which is why she’s picky when it comes to the deodorant that she uses. Her secret? DeoNat Natural Mineral Deodorant.


maine mendoza deonat


Deonat is a natural alum deodorant that does away with parabens that are harmful to the skin. The deodorant also doesn’t contain any preservatives, making it natural and safe to use daily. Say goodbye to any foul underarm smell, as Deonat prevents the buildup of odor-causing bacteria. It is also non-sticky so underarm freshness and comfort are possible all day.



How about stains on the clothes? Not to worry as DeoNat is a non-staining deodorant. It also doesn’t darken the underarms.


Safe and ideal for men, women, and teenagers, Deonat comes in spray and roll-on formats. Besides the original blue variant, which uses natural mineral salts to form a protective layer against bacteria, there’s the green variant, which contains aloe mineral that nourishes your underarm skin with every use. A variant with papaya extract, meanwhile, helps brighten the underarms.


Deonat is available at all Watson Stores nationwide for Php149. 

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