Ylona’s Lips Don’t Lie; They Shine

Lip Gloss, Hair Toss, Girl Boss
by Mintzy Flor

With the Philippines’ traffic problem increasing daily, time is of the essence. We modern Filipinas need to carry a weapon that can solve our beauty problems in one swipe. And what product is best at giving color and definition to our faces? The answer: Lipstick.

Lip stains, lip tints, and lip glosses: all of these are multi-purpose items.  Apply them to your lips, cheeks, and sometimes even your eyelids.  They’re efficient and fit nicely inside our smallest bags or pockets.

On most days, Stail Icon Ylona Garcia opts to go makeup-free and relies on all-purpose Australian ointment Lucas Papaw to touch up her lips. For a glam look, she sports vibrant and sometimes glossy lips.

With makeup artist Muriel Vega Perez we focus on the beauty of lip glosses, and how this returning trend is making a permanent statement: that of a healthy, radiant, and hydrated look.

MLBG (My Lips But Glossier)

You’ve probably found your go-to lipstick for everyday use by now. Why not spice it up and add lip gloss for that luminescent glow? For days when you’re feeling lazy, a good tinted lip gloss saves the day. Find a shade that is close to your natural lip color, go for a gloss that doesn’t contain any glitter to achieve that barely there hue. A peach tone is best for morenas, and pink will flatter ladies with fair skin.

Ylona’s tip: Always apply a lip balm for added care for your lips.

Baby Vampy Look

Who said  black lip gloss is exclusive for Halloween? We love how black lip gloss and lipsticks are not just for goths–they can also achieve a glam look! No black lipstick available in the market? Use the next best thing: dark plum lipstick, which you layer with a clear lip gloss. The effect is a dramatic, vintage look.

Ylona’s tip: With the right amount of confidence, you can cop this style.

Let’s Paint the Town Red

When in doubt, wear red. The color is a classic, and nobody ever underestimates a lady wearing red lipstick. Start with a lipstick in a matte finish and dab lip gloss to create this illuminating vibrance. For this look, we went bold: a Chanel red complements her over-the-top blush that accentuates her jaw line.

Ylona’s tip: Red lipstick tends to bleed. Find the right lip liner to control this.

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