For many of you, self-love can seem very selfish. You tend to allocate most of your time taking care of others — pleasing them and living up to their satisfaction. You dedicate yourself to being the good daughter, the good friend, or the good ol’ other half. Time, energy, and efforts are given away and sometimes, there’s only a little left for yourself.

For this month’s issue, STAIL believes that self-love is a celebration of freedom. Freedom to love the beauty in her, freedom to say no, freedom to do things that bring her joy, freedom to embrace her fears and feelings, and freedom to love herself. She is celebrating her freedom and is not taking herself for granted. It is clear that she needs to allow herself to recharge the energy she wants to be able to give to others. It is self-love that carves her inner potential of being more authentic when it comes to the relationships she wants to value.

With Kisses Delavin on the cover of our February issue, have a kiss of freedom and know that you can choose YOU. Kisses embraces and celebrates herself with the love she deserves. It is empowering and refreshing. She can get up and glam up not because she has to but BECAUSE SHE CAN. And guess what? You can too.


Her pink pleated dress complements her every move with a pace of her own accord as she gets ready, but only when she wants to.

Self love is understanding yourself. Understanding who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in, and what you want. Learning to love yourself takes so much effort but is so worth it. It doesn’t happen overnight. But beyond that, it’s understanding from the depths of your soul your readiness. Readiness to accept, to forgive, to love, to let go, to explore, or simply to leave the house.

 “I think I’m always courageous. Full of courage. Kasi ang daming challenges sa showbiz life. Especially now na I moved to another management. It’s like a whole new beginning for me. Sabi nga ng mga tao, bakit daw ako lumipat eh ang ganda ng career ko. While ngayong it’s such a challenge for me pero I’m so excited to conquer this challenge.”

 “I feel na self-love is knowing and identifying the people who truly love you and always listening to their opinions. There are many people who are going to say they love you but only believe those who truly do, not those who say so. If you start listening to the people who love you, you will always make the right decisions.”

You don’t have control over how much other people can feel for you. Do you know what you have control over? Loving yourself. You have the control and power on how much you can love yourself. Don’t let what other people say about you dictate what you like, how you should look, or how you should perceive yourself.

Girl, you are the master of your own soul and fate. That sounds pretty amazing, right? As Rupaul said, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

On Kisses Delavin: Blush Pink Electric-pleated Gown by Emanuel Riñoza(Instagram: @emanuelrinoza). Jewelry by Ken Samudio (Contact no. +63 917 5680647 | Instagram: @kensamudio). Hair by Dave Grona (Contact no. +63905 542 9565 | Email: | Instagram: @davegrona). Makeup by Lala Flores (Contact no. +63917 822 0116 | Email: | Instagram: @lalaflores16). Shot at Commune PH (Contact no. +63 919 859 5848| Email: | Instagram: @communeph).


She dazzles the quotidian overtones with her blue ocean sequin dress, now ready to do what she wants to do. Feast.

Readiness comes as sense of action. An act that others need not impose. Self-love is all about understanding the things you want to do and doing them. Not for anyone else’s satisfaction, but because you can. Whether this is moving out on your own, going to the cinemas alone, or wearing full glam in a burger shack.


 “Before joining a pageant when I was 17 years old, I felt like I was chubby. I was not ready. Pero I read a quote that said 
“when you’re not ready, that’s the time you should go for it.” So I went for it. And I realized na when your heart and mind says “no you’re not ready” don’t listen to that. Tell your mind, it’s the right time. I’m ready.”

 “Parang naiisip ko lately ang daming artista in the world and if 99% of them are sad because of expectations and pressure, I wanna be the 1% who just enjoys herself because she’s living the good life.”

Rock your own glamorous world as Dave Grohl said. “No one is you and that is your superpower.” Be kind to yourself. Practice self-care, nourish your body, have fun, and everything will follow. You can be the best version of yourself. Others may go against that but remember, you like YOU. Start from there.


Do you, do whatever you wanna do. Loving yourself doesn’t always have to come in forms of leisure. Pour your heart out on a project you love. Focus on your studies to achieve your dreams. These things are also self-love, as long as at the end of the day, you can say: “I did it because I want to and I can.”

 “You just have to embrace what you like and what you feel most good about yourself. That’s what I stand for. If you like what you look like and if you want to change what you look like, you can do it as long as you feel good about it. Kasi beauty is about feeling good about yourself.”

On Kisses Delavin: Embellished V-Neck Sequin Dress by Vanessa Pinlac (Instagram: @byvanessapinlac). Jewelry provided by Stylist. Mustard Velvet Padded Headband by BONDI Studios (Contact no. +639175510451 | Email: | Instagram: @bondistudios). Hair by Dave Grona (Contact no. +63905 542 9565 | Email: | Instagram: @davegrona). Makeup by Lala Flores (Contact no. +63917 822 0116 | Email: | Instagram: @lalaflores16). Shot at Commune PH (Contact no. +63 919 859 5848| Email: | Instagram: @communeph).


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Photographer: Andrea Beldua. Video Producer: EJ Bonagua. Assistant Video Producer: Roman Gabriel Diu. Web Developer: Andrea Dominique Dawal. Designer: Vanessa Pinlac and Emanuel Riñoza. Stylist: Bee Caluya. Hair Stylist: Dave Grona. Makeup Artist: Lala Flores. Accessories: Ken Samudio and Bondi Studios. Shoes: Stylists’s Closet. Shoot Location: Commune PH. Special Thanks To Kisses Delavin And Triple A Management.