What type of world are we leaving our children? Since the earliest times, we have been sensitive to our environment just to survive. In one way or another, we have even caused harm to it — the kind that is hard to eradicate. So the question is, how can we leave a better world for our children without being better children for the world?

For the month of August, STAIL.PH wants to celebrate and take pride in our own cultural heritage while putting emphasis on what’s happening around us. Entitled “DIWATA”, this issue touches magical folktales and mythical beings who once roamed our lands. And probably still do.

With Sanya Lopez on the cover representing a blessing and a guardian, take special cues that you can unfold the diwata in you. It isn’t going to be so different for future children if they are not to live in a contaminated world.

This is STAIL.PH’s August Issue: DIWATA



The deity graces everyone around her with love and peace despite ruffled circumstances.

She wears light clouds as she keeps an eye on the possibility of tomorrow.

 “I will never take for granted the simple things we used to do before. I would be more appreciative of the simple things like being able to enjoy the freedom of going outside and mingling with people, getting to know them more, etc.”

Diwata is a deity – the bringer of positivity to the earth, crops, health, and fortune. The protector of our ancestors from a tragic phenomenon. A powerful being who showered us with many great things who lived and still lives with us.

More than ever, our world needs hope, faith, and a blessing. Most of us can pray, yes, but to have assertive actions can lead to favorable results. We need diwatas – those who are benevolent when it comes to nature and eases the burdens of the people. We need our own diwatas. We need to be a blessing or else this contaminated world will fall apart right in front of us.

We should realize that we do have power here on earth, right? We have the power and strength to either save or destroy it. Countless lives can depend on us. Remember the waste you just threw out in the ocean or the times when you just choose plastic over anything? It’s not helping and if you’ve read it this far, you probably know that diwatas might just put a curse on you, on earth, and that includes all of us.

On Sanya Lopez: Light Pink Ball Gown by Joanna Ngo (Instagram: @annaline.studio). Accessories by Ken Samudio (Instagram: @kensamudio). Hair by Jason Delos Reyes (Contact no. +639064608110 | Email: jxondelosreyes@gmail.com | Instagram: @delosreyesjason). Makeup by Mark Rosales (Contact no. +639176309756 | Email: marksdrosales@gmail.com | Instagram: @markanthonyrosales).

She wears white which symbolizes what she preserves most: tranquility.

For our diwata, peace and balance comes first among any other things. Peace to her domain and balance in our land. With all these good things, one should remember our Diwata is not always here for us. We may sometimes put them on our bad side and that times where we should be put in charge.

To you who is reading this, take a stand for the earth. Take a stand for people who lacks hope in these trying times. Choose to believe that there will always be positive changes in our current situation. A little step will come a long way. Be the present and future guardians.

 “Let’s strictly follow safety protocols to avoid and fight the virus. There’s no harm in following the safety protocols. After all, prevention is better than cure.”

 “For me, what I can do is to raise awareness and push for campaigns that can preserve nature. I believe in the power of people’s voices to push for reforms.”

You feared many things and this may be a big hindrance, but fear is what makes you a human. Fears that brought you into delivering. You fear even the smallest things. You are afraid for the welfare of the cat you just saw in the street; you feel worried every time you hear a baby crying. You fear being lost, yet you keep on finding your true self.

This fear made you strong and save everyone. Now it is time for you to save your land. The land bestowed to us by our ancestors and deities. You are their guardian.

On Sanya Lopez: Ruffled Tulle Separates in White by Joanna Ngo (Instagram: @annaline.studio). Accessories by Ken Samudio (Instagram: @kensamudio). Hair by Jason Delos Reyes (Contact no. +639064608110 | Email: jxondelosreyes@gmail.com | Instagram: @delosreyesjason). Makeup by Mark Rosales (Contact no. +639176309756 | Email: marksdrosales@gmail.com | Instagram: @markanthonyrosales).


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