This May marks the debut of the first digital magazine of STAIL Philippines (STAIL.PH). On the cover is critically acclaimed actress and indie film superstar Jasmine Curtis-Smith whose photos were captured through the lens of photographer extraordinaire Shaira Luna.

This issue is going to be very straightforward—no big words, no groundbreaking claims—just us and our sincerity in bringing you a new perspective of all things fashion.

Is it something different? Yes. Is it going to give this generation a unique outlook on style, beauty, diversity, and inclusivity? Absolutely!

We thought about serving you “pretty,” but instead we decided to give it to the old dogs (I call shade). All we want to do is to have a relationship with you, our dear reader, and earn your trust. From here onwards, expect to see and read issues that reflect where we are now as a generation and where we are headed (with a dash of class and a whole lot of sass for good measure).

This is an online magazine personally curated by the talents behind the brand who are eager and committed to capturing the legacy of our generation with integrity and unadulterated realness. We are devoted to creating only the most beautiful things that matter.

This is Your Brand, Your Statement. STAIL.PH stands for STYLE, TRENDS, ALLURE, INSIDER, and LIFESTYLE. But ultimately, it stands for YOU!


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Photograph By SHAIRA LUNA


“When it comes to the quirky side of things, I like to look at people like Zooey Deschanel. ‘Cause it’s cute, it’s youthful, and it’s fresh. It’s got that cute campiness to it that you like to look at and appreciate. It’s almost like watching play school.”

“Movie Star”
A dress gilded to perfection – STUNNING! On Jasmine: Custom gown with rose gold studded gloves (price upon request), MALICHÉ (www.shopmaliche.com). God level platforms (price upon request), JOJO BRAGAIS. Vintage earrings, stylist’s own. Hair, MARK ANTHONY ROSALES. Makeup, GUILLY VALENZUELA. Shot at HERALD SUITES (details are seen in this issue).

“The diversity factor of fashion, wherein hindi lang siya about the style but rather the physical representation of people; not just slim or heavy, but also dark skin, morena skin.”

“Low-key Opulence”
Opulence! she owns everything henny. On Jasmine: Green pantsuit, YONG DAVALOS. Vintage drop earrings, bright pink finger gloves, and hand-painted turban, all stylist’s own. Hair, MARK ANTHONY ROSALES. Makeup, GUILLY VALENZUELA. Shot at HERALD SUITES (details are seen in this issue).

“Who is She?”
Jasmine channels her alter ego in clothes that bring their own character. On Jasmine: Lacey dress with floral appliqués in glittery gold accent, YONG DAVALOS Pre-Fall 2019 Collection (price upon request) Contact: 0917 308-7376. Hair accessories, KAE LACDAO hair clips (prices available on Instagram, @hikaoph. Whimsical earrings with matching gloves, stylist’s own. Hair, MARK ANTHONY ROSALES and LYENELLE HAIR FASHION (www.lynellehair.com). Makeup, GUILLY VALENZUELA. Shot at HERALD SUITES (details are seen in this issue).

“I think that’s what I want to see, the mindfulness of diversity and not forgetting where it’s all rooted from and why there’s a problem also, so we can keep fixing it and influencing others.”


Special Thanks To

Beauty and Lifestyle Editor: Edlaine “Mintzy” Flor. Social Media Editor: Micah Coronel. Copy Editor: Joy Rojas. Multimedia Artist: Noel Wilson. Video Producer: Clark Bautista. Sales and Marketing: Abigail Flores. Digital Marketing Manager: Maki Forcado. Web-designer: Clarizza Blancaflor. Web Developer: Andrea Dawal. Photographer: Shaira Luna. “Movie Star” Designer: Maliché. “Low-key Opulence” and “Who Is She” Designer: Yong Davalos. Stylist: Nicole Saludar. Hair Stylist: Mark Anthony Rosales. Hair: Lynelle Hair Fashion. Makeup Artist: Guilly Valenzuela. Shoes: Bragais Shoes by Jojo Bragais. Food: Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew by Winslow Justin Co. Set Location: Herald Suite Polaris.

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