BB Gandanghari Guests on Netflix’s Glow

You go, BB!
by Mintzy Flor

Once upon a time, there was Rustom Padilla, a successful actor in the Philippines. He was a popular matinee idol that all girls were gaga about. Years later, he joined Pinoy Big Brother, a reality contest show. Confined to a house with other celebrities, he came out of the closet and it was beautiful.

Now, Rustom resides in the USA, and identifies as the transgender woman BB Gandanghari. She is brave and continues to inspire other people with her decision to live her truth.

Attention was once again given to her when she she appeared in Glow, a Netflix Original Series about American women wrestlers in the ’80s. On Season 3’s eighth episode, we are introduced in the last minutes to a tarot card reader named Patricia. As we look closer (and stop the episode and rewind it over and over), we realize that none other than BB Gandanghari has graced our screens.

We had to blink twice just to make sure it was her. She shares this scene with Glow‘s lead star, Alison Brie, who portrays the role of Ruth Wilder or Zoya the Destroyer. In the scene, Ruth is asking for a tarot card reading through Patricia.

BB herself was ecstatic and had to share the good news on her Instagram, “I am grateful and thankful to be a part of this super successful show, GLOW! Booking a job is always exciting, but booking your favorite show brings the excitement to an entirely different level.”

Now the question is: Will we see more of Patricia? Will BB surprise us again? Yes to both!

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