How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days Is Getting A Reboot

Would you watch it? 
by Mintzy Flor

Millennials, where you at? Do you remember the movie Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey starred in? Clue: It was about a girl making a guy fall in love with her and then dumping him after dating him for 10 days. Give up? It’s How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and it’s one of the most raved-about romantic comedies of all time.

Sixteen years later, we have the chance to watch it again. A reboot in the form of a series is in the works! Comedian Guy Branum, who  has been tapped to write the series, took to Twitter: “We were all certain you could not make a good romantic comedy anymore because print media is dead and rom-com ladies have to work at magazines, but against the tides of history, Quibi & Paramount have agreed to let me re-write How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.”

He assured fans that the values of the original story will remain. The reboot will be streamed through a new service called Quibi.

We have a lot of questions. First, we’re curious about the cast. So far, no additional information on the reboot has been revealed. Then, why do we even need a reboot?  Doesn’t Hollywood have anything original to make anymore?

What’s your stand about this? Are reboots a good idea–or should we just stick to the OG?

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