STAIL Insider: Bianca Umali–Made of Stardust And Love

Simplicity is her identity.
by Mintzy Flor

“What do stars do? They shine.” 
― Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Last May 21, I met a star. A star in so many ways, a star on the television, to her family and friends, and a star to all her fans. She is Bianca Umali, a star that shines the brightest.

When an introvert meets a fellow introvert, things get interesting. Our eyes get moving, and the observation game begins–only this time I lost to Bianca Umali. If there’s one thing that will captivate you upon meeting the actress, it’s her eyes. She tends to change her expressions every now and then; one minute she’s full of glee, the next she’s contemplating, buried deep in her thoughts.

I’m an indoor person, 100 percent! I like going out with my family, of course, but for gatherings and for the experience.”

If you google her, you’ll notice that almost all articles focus on her family. For Stail Insider, I want to focus on who she really is. Bianca Umali is the person who lives for other people. Simplicity is her identity.

In her last year as a teenager, she enjoys the company of her books and two adorable dogs, Juno (half-Shih Tzu, half-Pomeranian) and Boop (a brown Pomeranian). To her, they are her offspring.

“I see myself successfully running a business. Hopefully (still) in this industry. Growing a family and painting.”

There’s a certain gleam in her eyes whenever she’s talking about her loved ones. When asked what she is most proud of, she answers, “How my Lola raised me.” She says her Lola Vicky is the sexiest woman she knows.

As to what her plans are, the recent graduate is still indecisive about what course to take in college. But when talking about her future, she’s set on her goals.

As we get to know her and ask her more questions, we learn a different side of her. How she’s scared of clowns, how she describes herself as street-smart and a sweet tooth, and how she enjoys the little things in life. For this introvert, small talk is useless. Big talk, like the one we had during our interview, is what makes our day complete.

She is a silhouette. Light flashes around the pearls on her head.  Pure and original, Bianca Umali is our STAIL Icon for being versatile and the voice of youth.

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