Eating Escolta: 5 Places To Dine In Historic Manila

by STAIL Team

Manila is a destination full of memories. If you’re looking for a place to relax and eat after exploring Escolta, we have five suggestions.

The Den is a coffee shop located on the first floor of the First United Building. It serves sourced coffee from the Philippines and sells a handful of locally made products too.

Fred’s Revolucion describes itself as “a home for sincere drinkers.” This establishment celebrates the legacy of Lolo Fred Santos, grandfather of photojournalist and co-owner Derek Soriano. Grab a beer or two with friends, and enjoy the many food offerings, like French fries and Bacon Slab. Check it out on the first floor of the First United Building, right across The Den.

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Dumayo sa ngalan ng Big Scoop Avocado. 🍧🍨

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Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks is a hole in the wall located at 237 Escolta Street, the very spot where Botica Boie was the premier ice cream parlor during the pre-war era. The place has a throwback feel with its cozy interiors. Relish good meals for a fair price; its current ice cream provider is Big Scoop Ice Cream.

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Sunday. Chillin’ at home having coffee atm blasting black gospel music. I’ve enjoyed listening to it since a kid. Growing up, I remember having brunch with the fam right after mass every Sunday. I gauge a good Chinese restaurant if there are a lot more Chinese people than Filipinos. The uncomfortable stares of “are you sure you’re in the right place” as you enter. Yes, that one. It’s not easy photographing flatlay of food when people are hungry and don’t give a gotdam why you’re shooting. Oh, plates will move, food taken, hands in frame. Ironically, this resto’s best seller is their delicious Chicken Pie but the name of the resto is Uno Seafood Wharf Palace. Hey, be inspired, don’t lose that sense of wonder and have a blessed Sunday.

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Uno Seafood Wharf Palace is a Chinese restaurant in Calvo Building. This place serves authentic Chinese food and has established itself as a Binondo favorite.

Polland is the place to be to score a box or two of Manila’s best hopia. Its mung bean cakes have become a trademark pasalubong of Filipino parents to their children.

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