Julie Anne San Jose


Under the blinding light of beauty trends, we embraced all types of skin. This month of September, STAIL.PH ventured on the beauty of glass skin. A nod to a dewy, and baby-soft complexion in neon light hues. A colorful take on this Korean skincare trend that has been all the rage around the globe. A massive proof that skincare is a self-care ritual.

The future of beauty is more diverse and inclusive than ever. However, the stigma associated with skincare still lingers today. STAIL.PH attempts to break this stigma by proving that skincare is not a luxury but rather a more radical form of #selfcare.

Embracing the perfection of every complexion is what we want for this generation. On our cover, STAIL icon Julie Anne San Jose served us a blinding glowing glass skin in her neon bodysuits. Shot by the fantastic Charlie L. Miñon, Jr. alongside beauty film directed by Carmela Birao, this issue is yet to prove that everyone could be as radiant as she is—Inside and Out.

As we search for ways to look good, we tend to forget that all of us with all our flaws are just as much or even more marvelous. Our behaviors, our differences, and complex personalities make us more interesting. All of you who are reading this—every single one of you is absolutely stunning! Everybody’s eyes are a piece of gem beyond compare—YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.





Photographs By CHARLIE L. MIÑON | Final Artist LOUIE ROMANTICO | Beauty Film Producer & Director CARMELA BIRAO | Associate Film Producer AMIEL KABIGTING | Designer EADREA HAM | Hair By RHOY CERVANTES | Beauty By GUILLY VALENZUELA


The woman with the glowing glass skin exudes pride and is not scared.

“I’m just a simple girl. I’m also human, and at the same time, I just want to make my own music, write my own songs. I guess I consider myself as a singer/songwriter.”

 “It was actually my Lola’s idea. She was the one who persuaded me to become a singer or like an artist someday. I’m very happy because I’m sort of fulfilling her dreams for me.”


Neon lights sparkled through her orbs like the strength residing in her soul.

 “I am happy, but I also believe that there’s a lot more in store for me in the future. Because I would love to learn more. I would love to explore and innovate myself even more. I just like to develop my capabilities. There’s always room for improvement.”

On Julie Anne: Neon Green and Orange Body Suit by Eadrea Ham (email: eadreahamdesigns@gmail.com | Instagram: @ham.eadrea). Shoes and Jewelry provided by Stylist. Hair by Rhoy Cervantes (Contact no. +639178574788 & +639173533621 | Facebook: RhoyCervantes Hair&MakeUp Studio all services offered | Instagram: @rhoycervantes). Makeup by Guilly Valenzuela (Email: guillygans@gmail.com | Contact no. +639062003052 | Instagram: @guillyvalenzuela). Shot at KDR Studios & Productions Inc.(email: kdrphotographystudio@gmail.com | Facebook: KDR Studios & Productions Inc. | Instagram: @kdrstudios).


Special Thanks To

Artist: Louie Romantico. Photographer: Charlie L. Miñon. Video Producer: Carmela Birao. Assistant Video Producer: Amiel Kabigting. Web Developer: Andrea Dominique Dawal. Designer: Eandrea Ham. Stylist: Stail Team. Hair Stylist: Rhoy Cervantes. Makeup Artist: Guilly Valenzuela. Accessories: STAILTeam. Shoes: STAIL Team. Food: Ate Rica’s Bacsilog. Shoot Location: Kdr Studios & Productions Inc.. Special Thanks To Julie Anne San Jose And Her Management.