4 Services To Treat Yourself And Splurge On

Follow your heart's desire
by STAIL Team

There are days when you feel extra AF and treating yourself is the only way to go. If you’re up for some splurging and indulging, these services will make you live the glamorous life you’ve always wanted. A true Stail Gal always goes for the gold!

Ascent: Urban Air Mobility

There’s nothing worse than Manila traffic and having to go somewhere in a hurry. How far will you go to avoid traffic and what are your options? We have your answer: Ride. A. Helicopter. For those who want to get to the airport from Quezon City in 15 minutes, this is the way to do it. Go live the fab life!

My Chef Philippines 

Are there days when cooking is a drag and you just want someone to do the job while you give yourself some TLC? My Chef Philippines is an online marketplace that opens you to a world of gastronomic creations by professional chefs and bakers as well as home-based cooks and local brands. This service is also perfect for holidays or special occasions with your friends and family.


SIF Home Salon & Barber App

Make the most out of splurge and book yourself a haircut or a fresh mani-pedi, all in the comforts of your home. SIF Home Salon and Barber Shop promises the full pampering experience minus the hassle of driving to a destination, looking for a parking space, and other time-consuming chores.  Too busy to go to the salon to be dolled up before a special event? This app is reachable in just a few taps.

Zennya Health and Wellness on demand

There are times when we take our bodies for granted, over-working ourselves and stressing out over little things. Zennya is your weekend or holiday buddy that lets you unwind and loosen up your tense shoulders and back. If you’re in need of a quick massage or a fast way to relax, this app is for you. Kick back and relish a therapeutic massage or physical therapy in your very own home. One of the most relaxing services out there.


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