Style Resurgence:
’90s Style Comeback Is The Real Slim Shady

If you were too young to remember what the ‘90s was like, you’re in luck. The decade is back via its distinct fashion

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by STAIL Team

Naomi Campbell in Chanel RTW SS ’95 and Bella Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017. Image Source: Getty

Whether you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed or strolling down the street, you’re bound to come across people wearing styles from the ‘90s.

Fashion influencers and those who follow trends religiously in this day and age sport many of the decade’s staples: tube tops, cropped spaghetti-strap tops with square necklines, culottes, track pants, white sneakers, hoop earrings, and other styles that were prominent before the turn of the millennium.

Nearly three decades later, they’re back and very much in demand.

Fitness Enthusiast Gabby Dario (@gabbydario), Style Blogger Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy), and Actress Chienna Filomeno (@chiefilomeno) Images: Instagram

#Throwback: How the ‘90s was worn

In the ‘90s, fashion was defined as“rebellious” and “carefree” and what you wore classified you under one of four categories: formal wear, street wear, athletic wear, or hip-hop fashion. In other words, the clothing you had on was usually for a specific occasion (unless you’re Kate Moss, of course).

But as the decade passed, the functionality of clothes diversified, allowing anyone to put together a whole look by mixing and matching categories. Case in point: Bruno Mars and his silk tracksuits. Tube tops can now be worn to a formal affair. Sportswear is now called “athleisure” because what you wear in the gym can also be worn on a casual day out. People wear hoop earrings to dressy occasions and when they’re out running errands. Heck, even fanny packs are now part of high-fashion runway looks!

Here are four flashback fashion items from the ‘90s that are making a comeback. Drag the slider to view details.

1. Tube Tops

Pop princess Britney Spears popularized these strapless, torso-hugging numbers that first made waves in the ‘70s before returning two decades later. In fact, the red, white, and blue Tommy Hilfiger tube top worn by various influencers on Instagram was an iconic look for the legendary Aaliyah.

2. Crop Tops

In the ‘90s sitcom Friends, Rachel Green and Monica Geller (played by Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, respectively) wore two styles of this casual top: Rachel favored a provocative version while Monica sported the comfortable yet rebellious kind. Either way, both characters served as fashion inspirations to the millions of fans who tuned in every week to catch the funny episodes and the characters’ unique dress sense.

3. Big Hoops

Alicia Keys was and still is the poster girl for this trend. Donning long, dangling earrings in the ‘90s, the R&B Queen can now be seen sporting chunkier earrings and giant hoops. She embodies hip-hop fashion of the ‘90s and today.

4. Tracksuits

Once exclusively associated with athletic teams, tracksuits became a staple of the hip-hop community when Will Smith donned the sporty apparel in the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The easy-to-wear everyday outfit came in loud prints and bright colors, giving it a rebellious “in your face” appeal.

Perhaps it’s the comfort that these staples bring. Or how convenient they are to pack and carry when traveling. Or maybe how each piece can fit a broad range of styling options. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying it: these ‘90s fashion items are here to stay.

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