Barbie Forteza

A Day In The Life Of Barbie Forteza

Barbie Forteza channels all the comfy energy.
by Ian Vill

STAIL Icon Barbie Forteza isn’t like most celebrities out there. She’s honest and down to earth, exposing her true self for the world to see. Here she shares with us a sneak peek into this beautiful young artist’s daily life.


We often ask our STAIL Icons to introduce themselves. Barbie gave us a very brief and funny introduction.


I am Solenn Heussaff.

-Barbie Forteza



She also claims to be simple, bright, and comfy. Barbie truly does channel all of the comfy energy in the world in her daily life and her style.


Barbie usually wakes up at 1 PM on her off days. Yes, you read that right. 1 PM. For night owls like me, this sounds nothing short of paradise. This is when she has her first meal. She also has pet dogs she usually plays with after she eats. Afterward, she gets her coffee, which is an absolute necessity if she wakes up anytime earlier than 1 PM. In fact, she considers coffee as one of the most important things in her life.


Coffee. Hindi ako sobrang alive alive in the morning so yun lang talaga yung bala ko para matolerate ko yung araw.

Kaya kong gumising ng maaga. Hindi naman ako nalelate. Pero kunyari nasa set na, hindi ko lang kayang makipag chika pa in the morning.

Parang wait lang muna.


That’s such a #MOOD, tbh.




She then spends her time watching Netflix while she waits for dinner. After dinner is probably the part she’s most waiting for, spending time with her boyfriend, Jak.


If you don’t call that comfortable, I don’t know what is.




As for her style, Barbie usually wears sneakers, denim jeans, joggers, loose shirts, tank tops, and cover-up jackets. Barbie loves comfort, specifically sneakers. In fact, she wore sneakers on her first PMPC awards way back in 2010. With the popularity of the Twilight series at the time, Barbie decided to do as Bella Swan did in the movies. She wore chucks in a gown for the awards night.



Barbie Forteza


Though Barbie prefers comfort, she does take inspiration on Heart Evangelista when she wants to really get dressed up.


Meron akong Heart Evangelista day, pag kumpleto tulog, masipag, ganyan. Magpapaka-Heart ako. All white outfits, white polo, white pants, make up, bb creams, accessories.

Meron akong ganung araw pero mostly joggers kind of day.


Yes, love. Get dressed, but stay comfy.



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