A Woman Of Her Generation

"'Cause we're the masters of our own fate"
by Jasmine Gagarin

Growing up in the limelight can seem pretty glamorous, but if we have gained an understanding from artists who have spoken out about it, fame and spotlight are not all it’s cracked up to be. I know someone who can vouch for this. STAIL icon Julie Anne San Jose attests that the ride to the spotlight is not close to easy. She constantly carves her way up to meet her goals every single day.




Hindi mo makukuha yung bagay na gustong gusto mo kung hindi mo siya paghihirapan. You gotta be patient, you have to work hard for all the things that you want in life – for your goals.


Julie is deep into her thoughts as I watch her look back to her younger self. She said she doesn’t know what to tell little Julie, but instead, she feels pleased. “Sa mga panahon na nagsisimula palang ako, everything was so simple. Sobrang bilis ng panahon. I can’t even imagine myself going through that phase.” She has invested in a lot of things, time, and so much effort. Starting the celebrity path at the age of 12, she knew she needed to make a lot of sacrifices. She promised to finish school, and she did. As it wasn’t a smooth ride to juggle between school and her career, Julie knows it was all worth it.


For me, walang shortcuts. Mas alam ko yung feeling kasi napagdaanan ko ‘yun.


What amazes me the most about our STAIL icon is her desire to always keep learning new things about herself. Her passion for her craft drives her to self-discovery. That’s what leads her to enhance her capabilities.


Learning doesn’t stop. I want to grow, evolve, and innovate myself more.


As far as I know, Julie Anne has done her life impressively. Her success in her singing, dancing, and acting career fires her passion and pushes her to work even harder. “I love my job so much. I get to do what I love to do. But you know, I am also a friend, a daughter, and a sister.” Like most of us, her love for her craft and family are the most important things for her.



As a STAIL icon, Julie Anne knows what she represents in the industry. She understands how competitive the industry is but also believes that she doesn’t need to compete with anybody because she still has the final say on her craft. “Strong and confident Filipina,” she says.  “Madami kasing stereotypes talaga eh. Kapag kunwari sinabi na mataba ka, ibig sabihin di ka na sexy. Pag dark-skinned ka, madumi ka tignan or whatever. It’s not supposed to be like that. The thing is, yung generation now, they are embracing who they are, and that’s what’s good. We learn how to love ourselves even more. We don’t care about what other people would say. It’s just embracing who we are as a person.”


Having a clear understanding of who you are will make so much difference. “In that sense, if you have a good disposition in life or if you have a positive outlook in life, everything else follows. Kumbaga it appears on how you dress up or how you put your makeup on. It’s how you carry yourself as a woman. Basta yung self-esteem mo, it’s really really important. Kapag di mo na iniisip yung mga sinasabi ng ibang tao. Hindi mo na iniisip kung uy bakit ganito siya. It doesn’t matter. This is who I am! It doesn’t matter if you don’t accept me for who I am, I just want to be myself. Here I am representing a woman of my generation.”, Julie continues.





The genuineness of her answers reflects on how she is on and off cam. She has that quirky, intelligent, and funny vibe that radiates a bright disposition to people around her. After all, when I asked her about who Julie Anne San Jose really is, she told me, “I’m just a simple girl. I’m a singer/songwriter… just simple. I’m the typical type of girl na white shirt, jeans, and sneakers yun lang.” As I watch her leave the studio, I realized that she is a woman of this generation — in control of her destiny. 

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