Andrea Brillantes Behind The Camera

Blythe stands for love.
by Ian Vill

You knew her as Annaliza when she was younger. You’ve known her recently as Marga Bartolome from Kadenang Ginto. This is Andrea Brillantes, or how she prefers to be called, Blythe. Get to know her beyond the screen as she introduces herself to you with her own words.


Hi, I’m Andrea Brillantes! But you can call me Blythe~





Blythe is an “artistic and happy soul who loves to act, model, dance, and eat a lot.” Take it from her, because she actually said that. It’s really easy to see an actress’ character on screen and transmit the same personality to the actress in real life. Marga from Kadenang Ginto isn’t the most approachable person out there. But Blythe is not at all like this. She has a very sweet demeanor filled with confidence, energy, and authenticity. She talks, makes jokes, laughs, and giggles with everyone in the shoot.


I’m very approachable. I just have that look that I’m not 🙁



Andrea and Blythe are the same person, but not exactly the same. Seeing Andrea on shoots and shows would be very different from seeing Blythe on a casual day at the mall. Andrea usually wears fancy feminine outfits for work for the jaw-dropping looks, but Blythe is actually comfortable and tomboyish in style. She often wears a backpack, a t-shirt, jeans, and jordans. But there are times when she embraces the feminine and girly style, wearing a skirt or dress. This is especially true when she wants to feel cute— or is around her friend Seth.


I really like the oversized tomboy fashion pero … sometimes I wear a skirt or dress. Wala lang gusto ko lang mag pabebe din minsan.



Blythe seems to really love her job. She’s looking forward to doing more work once this pandemic ends. And who knows, maybe an Andrea Brillantes concert? Fingers crossed. Her passion for her work is no surprise. She’s been doing it her entire life, and it is a dream for many to do the same. So I thought it curious to ask what she would want to be if she wasn’t an actress and got the funniest response.










On a more serious note. All artists have something they believe in— a message they all want to convey. For Blythe, this is love.


I stand for love … if there is more room for love in this world, each and everyone’s lives would matter more. I stand with love because when there is love, stuff like freedom, equality, happiness, care, and etc will follow right through.



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