Andrea Brillantes On Love And Anxiety

Blythe's advice.
by Ian Vill

This pandemic hasn’t been easy for all of us. Some have it easier. Some have it harder. But despite this, we are all experiencing our own difficulties. One such difficulty many are experiencing stem from their own minds. Yes, we’re talking about mental health. People from all walks of life are experiencing a huge amount of anxiety from the lack of certainty and safety caused by the virus.




When will this end? When will there be a cure? Am I infected? When will things go back to normal? Will it ever be normal? What if I lose my job? What if my family gets infected? Will this be enough to pay my bills? What is wrong with this country?


These are some tough and painful questions that might have crossed your mind in the past few months. It’s a terrifying feeling. We are here to give you a little bit of sunshine to brighten your day. And to hopefully help you find inner peace and strength in these trying times.


Although young, Blythe isn’t unfamiliar with the feelings of anxiety. She has struggled with it for almost 4 years. But she remains vigilant and optimistic. After all, there is no joy without sadness.


I believe we all have a phase na we hit rock bottom but it’s actually God’s way of showing us the bright side of life.





Blythe is able to maintain her optimism because of her belief in self-love. Fighting and remaining alive is one of the greatest expressions of self-love in the world. It may be dark now, but the world isn’t dark. There are many beautiful things to see, live, and experience beyond our bubble of anxiety and despair. Cling to hope. Hope that there is a better future ahead of us after this pandemic. We know it’s easier said than done. Self-love isn’t a piece of cake you eat in one go. It takes time. But even trying to love yourself is itself a form of self-love.


Totoo naman na ang self love hindi makukuha overnight … it takes time talaga so please just don’t be hard on yourself.





Despite being in a state of privilege, Blythe is still also human. She is prone to overthinking and feeling anxious. But as said earlier, Blythe also clings to hope and continues to fight despite her thoughts and fears. For those of you who can afford to do the same, she has some advice to give:



My advice is to keep your mind busy! Watch movies/series, read books, work out, talk to your friends .



Keep your mind away from these exhausting thoughts by being productive or just generally being active. But I also give advice to never force yourself to be productive or active. Sometimes doing nothing and taking a break is what we need to clear our thoughts and calm down. Learning to be productive and learning to take a breather is also self-love.



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