Animal Crossing Is Fulfilling Everyone’s Designer Dreams

Fashion Designer. Interior Designer. City Designer. You name it. This game's got it.
by Ian Vill

Despite the difficulties this pandemic has brought upon us, there are some things that make it easier for those who can afford it. One such thing is Animal Crossing, a series of cute simulation games focused on developing your own town, city, camp, and the like. Its latest installment, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is available on the Nintendo Switch. It focuses on developing your own island with your very own lovable villagers. All while being haunted by the loans you owe a certain real estate racoon (literally) in order to expand your island.

This game puts heavy focus on the player’s creativity. Become a real estate developer as you terraform and create beautiful sceneries for you and your villagers to enjoy.


If one has a specific inclination to fashion, then you’re in luck! This game offers lots of clothing customizations. Be a fashion designer and create the clothes of your dreams. There’s plenty of kinds of clothes to design. There’s robes, dresses, jackets, shirts, and everything. Your imagination is the limit.


The best part? Your villagers can wear your designs!


If you’re keen on interior design, this game also has things for you. Other than developing the great outdoors of your island, you can also create a cozy living space inside your own home. Whether you want it cute, mysterious, or homely, it’s all up to you.

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This game gives you full creative control in everything you want to create. You can visit your friends’ islands! Yes! This game is also multiplayer. If you’re still stuck in quarantine, this game can provide you your creative needs with all of its design functions. And it can also provide you your social needs. That’s if your friend also has Animal Crossing, of course.


Go get it. It’s definitely a game to try out.

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