Get The Look: Milk Tea Hair Color

Is it time to go matchy-matchy with your drink?
by STAIL Team

Milk Tea is one of the most favorite drinks among Asians. Whether you have it during the day or night, you can’t get enough of it and the chewy boba and pearls that come with it.


But have you ever thought of using this tea as inspiration… for your hair? Apparently, Milk Tea Hair Color is a trend right now.



Go for that warm tone




There’s a growing number of posts, mostly from Japan and Singapore, with the hashtag #MilkTeaHair on Instagram. So, what’s exactly is it?  Some hairstylist created Milk Tea Hair, a hair color with a lovely milky brown shade. It starts more warm-toned at the roots then transitions to ash at the ends.



The hue you are craving for



The balance of warm to cool tones of browns adds definition to any face. Other variants include golden roots or gold ends, which creates this textured, gradient look, or a milk tea hue at the ends or all over.



Wear your favorite drink



Now we’re curious: Will this trend reach the Philippines, or will it remain in Japan and Singapore? Also, will the actual drink be used to color hair someday? After all, there used to be a coffee hair trend, hair color made from real coffee.


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