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Behind The Glam: Ylona Garcia, Unmasked

by Jove Moya

She landed on the pages of the country’s most prestigious newspapers and magazines, and made her way into Filipinos’ living rooms through her television appearances. The Philippines’ showbiz darling, Ylona Jade Garcia, is successful in so many ways. And she’s only 17. (This article was written a year ago. She’s actually 18 now!)

Born in Sydney, Australia, on February 28, 2002, Ylona captured our attention with her mesmerizing face  when she joined the local reality show Pinoy Big Brother. Her quirky and humble personality immediately made her one of the crowd favorites.

For her STAIL.PH interview, Ylona gave us a sneak peek into her life behind the glamorous gowns and flashing cameras. “What makes me different is the fact that I am sure of who I am. Whatever I wear says Ylona Garcia. Everything that I do, I make sure that it’s purely me.”

Despite her success, the star confessed that she is still like any girl her age, figuring out who she wants to be.

Singing Career

In a 2017 interview with Boy Abunda, Ylona admitted that she wants to be “on stage performing worldwide” 10 years from now. “To achieve that dream, I start by making music that is purely me. It leads up to what makes me different, diving completely into who Ylona is, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, who I want to create. That’s what I do with my music. I want it to be something that speaks of me,” she said.

Dream Roles

Just like any other actress, the young star has her dream roles. “My dream role would be doing anything action! I have always been fascinated by a lot of action, especially when I was 9. I also took up a lot of dancing classes and gymnastics and I found them to be fun. It would be great to put them to use–doing my own stunts as an action star,” Ylona said eagerly.

The actress added that she dreams of being in a film inspired by Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

Joining Myx’s VJ Team

In July, Ylona Garcia kept the ball rolling when she joined the 2019 Myx VJ Team. “The experience was great and I really loved it because it was a different take for me in the industry. I was always put up for acting roles, I took on the acting, singing, and dancing side, and now it’s hosting, it’s more of an upbeat type of  feeling, it’s nothing but good vibes, and that’s what I’m all about,” she said.

The star added that she dreams of interviewing singers Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Christina Aguilera, and Kanye West.

Ylona, Unmasked

Among the actress’ many advocacies is the one where she gives attention to mental health. In 2018, the World Health Organization predicted that by 2030, mental health issues will account for at least 13 percent of the total global burden of diseases.

“I used to be pressured because I want to give advice that would really help people out. Having that kind of pressure in your hands is a lot to handle,” the star confessed.

“But now I can confidently say that you should definitely trust your gut all the time, do whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself,” Ylona said.


As a celebrity, Ylona said that she tends to be very critical about everything she does. “I too was in certain circumstances where I struggled with mental health. Sometimes the least you could do is to be very gentle and kind to yourself,” she said.

The actress suggests everyone pay attention to their physical health by eating right and sleeping early.

“Just do what makes you feel good, mentally and physically–take care of your body because it’s the only body you have. If something goes haywire, just let people say what they want to say, focus on yourself and get better. Self-reflect!”

What She Wants Her Supporters To Know

“What I want people to know is that with so much love comes immense pain, and you have to be ready for that. If you’re not ready for it, when it comes, just take three deep breaths and decide how you want to take it. Life is pretty hard and vulnerability comes with a lot of bravery and strength, so to anyone who feels weak, keep going.”


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